Fire - Prizna feat. Demolition Man

Prizna (Knowledge & Wisdom) arbeiteten zusammen mit 'Demolition Man' und produzierten einen der angesagtesten JumpUp Tracks der 90er Jahre. Von Fire erschienen die verschiedensten Remixes: Original Mix, Urban Shakedown Remix, Urban Shakedown Remix 7" Edit, Rogue Unit Remix, Nasty Jungle Remix, Splash Remix, Smokey Joe Remix, ...).

'Now big up all of jungle raver-ah inna di place... place...
All lighta crew, all jump-up massive... massive...
For real... real...

This is not a bargain or a deal,
Listen to the words outta fast tongue mouth of mouths
Me a come fi tear the place down wit me lyrical tongue

All the girls them,
Watch this,


Why don't we burn the place down
Demolition there pon the mic
Otherwise known as Neil Young

Unu fi push your lighter
Cuz right now me have something
to tell the people in here

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