Baby D - Let me be your Fantasy

Der Track erschien bereits 1992, wurde aber 1994 re-released und ein UK #1 Hit mit über 250.000 verkaufter Platten. großer Hit.

I'll take you up to the heighest heights, let's spread our wings and fly away.
Surround you with love that's pure delight Release your spirits, set you free.
Come and feel my energy, let's be as one in soul and mind.
I'll fill your world with ecstasy, touch all your dreams deep down in side.
Let me be your fantasy...
Let me be your fantasy...
let me touch your dreams, just spread your wings and fly away...
Come take a trip to my wonderland, Let's spread our wings and fly away.
Lotions of love walk through your hands. See their just colours every day.
Let me feel your warm embrace, release the colours in your mind.
I'll put a smile upon your face, I've got what it takes to make you mine.

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