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New Release - KIR277 – OLMEC – Percussive Punk

Kick It Recordings Presents

KIR277 - OLMEC – Percussive Punk w/ Remixes by Monk3ylogic and Botbass

Ah yes, it's that wonderful day known as Friday again. The weekend is upon us and we have just what you need to keep your summer bumpin and full of bass, KIR277 which just dropped today on all major distributors!

This time around we have a completely funky and massive release from the one like OLMEC! Bringing the energy with his new Electro House banger “Percussive Punk” which features constantly changing stabs, FX, and synths, all moving you towards the madness and largeness of OLMEC’s newest release on Kick It Recordings!

First up on remix duties is the UK’s own Monk3ylogic! Their Psy Breaks remix is a fantastic take on the original which has already received a Feature on Track It Down!! Big, dark and always progressing while giving you some very amazing grooves, they take things into almost Complextro territory! What more could you would want in a peak time remix from Monk3ylogic!

Last but not at all least we have Botbass from Columbia spicing things up a bit with a funkier Electro House take on the original. The Botbass remix never lets up and the driving bass keeps you moving throughout the entirety of the track! Whatever your into, this release can cater to your bassline needs!

Soundcloud Previews Here


Support From

Trackitdown.net Feature - "Monk3ylogic blow our minds again! Proper outdoor trippy breaks in your face!"

Far Too Loud - "Always like a bit of OLMEC’s stuff!"

Ashley Slater - "Fucking nuts. Love the original mix"

RuN RiOT - "Mad for the Botbass remix!”

Fisso & Spark - "This release is awesome! Loving Monk3ylogic remix!"

Wavewhore - "Felling the original on this release"

Dr. Fish - "Olmec is sick. Loving this original. Great groove and fat fat bassline! Top stuff. Very very much liking what the Monk3ylogic boys have done for there remix. This is super fat. Loving the whole Electro, Psy, Dubstep bassline action going on. Will be supporting these two for sure."

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Fantastic release right here. I've dropped all three of these and they each work a treat depending on what your looking for!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Botbass remix is nice! Nice release!"

Seffi B - "Fantastic Release, all three tracks will be featured on my show!"

Isaias Gil Marin - "The remixes are hugeeee!"



Track It Down

Back to The Drop on Youtube

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