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Alt 01.06.2012, 08:30   #1
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Qbig_Sleepless/Atelophobia (Beatalistics Rec., beatdig 012)


 (beatdig 012)


a - Sleepless

b - Atelophobia

Beatalistics taking over with its 12th digital release! Again supporting quality Drum´n Bass produced in Switzerland by a fresh talent in business. The young German sound-designer QBIG verifies his name to be recognized in the future. His debut single for Beatalistics is a special piece of music. “Sleepless” is a deep and dreamy work bringing ones like Hybrid Minds, Unquote or Sabre to your mind. The well sorted elements, sounds and vocal adds paralyzing your soul and won´t let you down to sleep. Lying awake you will recognize your thoughts drifting away – dreaming a dream of better days to come – hiding the tears in your eyes. No need to wake up. You are alive. Feel it! “Atelophobia“ is an extreme fear of failing to achieve perfection. Everyday life´s pressure can drag you down. QBIG transforms his fear of not being good enough into another masterpiece of music. Minimal beat and synth structures turn into taking waves of sound. Creating a warm atmosphere – like giving hope to hopeless causes, this one is the perfect flip and makes QBIG´s debut a unique thing. Expect more to come!

Check out:

Out now, availible in all common download stores!!!
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Alt 01.06.2012, 14:52   #2
papa fava
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The Sky Is High - And So Am I
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Alt 01.06.2012, 15:26   #3
dj sykes
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sleepless ist richtig geil!!!

www.secretoperations.com , www.baesse.de, www.jungleraiders.ch
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"Das, was für dich richtig ist, ist "Real"" (Bates)
***Nur noch SEBA & PARADOX***... I think, I'm a bit afraid
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