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NEXGEN MUSIC - NXG006 - Superbad / Morning Light

NXG006 Intelligent Manners - 'Superbad'
CJ Styles - 'Morning Light'
Style: Liquid / Soulful Drum & Bass / Drum-Funk
Format: 12" Vinyl record
Full Release date: June 2010
Distribution: Load Media (UK)


NexGen Music touches down with its latest lick of soulful, sophisticated Drum & Bass featuring one of Russian Federation's hottest DJ's & Producers - Intelligent Manners and new artist CJ Styles from the original home of drum & bass - England, U.K. Following on the back of the label's last release from Kyro & D.A., NexGen return with two absolutely heavy dance-floor killers 'Superbad' & 'Morning Light'.

NexGen Music releases always deliver sublime production and musical quality and this latest release is no exception. NexGen always prefers not to 'name drop' supporting DJ's, as they believe in letting the music doing the talking. Truss.. There aren't many liquid / soulful vibes spinning DJ's that don't have this one in the box!


2010 Russia meets 1970's American rare groove-funk-soul = PURE JAZZED UP DRUM-FUNK! This tune features a tantalizing build up laced with heavy rolling drums and clever slabs of funk coming at you from all directions. The tune then drops into crazed funk mayhem with sharp, crisp drums and a deep sub bass that would churn any hardcore worm-eating stomach. This is the proper rinse-out and the ultimate 'Drum-Funk' tune for the summer. A must have!


Just as the title of the track suggests - you are greeted with warm, quiet but somewhat eerie tones exactly what you may expect to hear on a spring / summer morning but don't be fooled! Hard crisp drums gently enter the build up with nasty bass stabs floating in and out of the mix followed by a heavy drop with multiple bass-lines and aggravated synths. While the bass is deep the gentle tones effortlessly weave in and out of the track creating a very well executed musical composition. This is a top maiden release from CJ Styles of whom we will be seeing more quality releases in the near future.

Watch out next month and thereafter for new releases featuring Qumulus, Earth Leakage Trip, D.A, Clart & mSdoS, Eastcolors, Kyro, Matt Doubt, Kubatko, plus many others.


Still a few copies available...

NXG005 Limited Edition
Kyro - 'Second Chance'
D.A - 'Forbidden Fruit'
Style: Liquid / Soulful Drum & Bass / Intelligent / Atmospheric
Format: 12" Vinyl record
Full Release date: January 2010
Distribution: Load Media (UK)

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