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Alt 05.09.2009, 14:05   #1
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mp3 Kaiza + Try & Error - Fuck The Speakers [T-FILE024]

Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Fuck The Speakers [Tilt-Recordings T-FILE024]

Mannheim's finest Techno-DNB producer and his allies from the Frankfurt area drop another banging technoid tool, with an aggressive midrange riff as the main lead element over pounding beats and a punishing, relentless bassline, reaching another high point in their stream of many fruitful collaborations.

Or, with the words of DJ Haptic on the http://darkdnb.de blog:

Yet another smasher from Trio-Music (T-Files here, another digital sublabel)… when listening into Kaiza’s latest release Fuck The Speakers, it initially reminds me slightly of Printer Jam but that’s just for a few seconds…
fat growling and nicely woven basslines supported by an itchy hookline make this baby roll like hell.
"…another banging technoid tool, with an aggressive midrange riff as the main lead element over pounding beats and a punishing, relentless bassline"
agreed! plus it’s really catchy and should work on the floor pretty perfect… I’ll test it asap!

audio preview:

full mp3 & wav available here:
http://tilt.ithinkmusic.com/my-store...s.php?page=902 (paypal enabled)

...soon also here:

artists myspace & label links:


\\\ T-Files releases ///
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T-FILE024: Kaiza feat. Try and Error - "Fuck The Speakers"
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T-FILE017: Desecration - "Smack-Head"
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T-FILE015: Isotop + Shots + Kaiza - "Kartago"
T-FILE014: Isotop + Kaiza - "Sherpa"
T-FILE013: Plater - "Gluebomb"
T-FILE012: Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten - "Vendetta"
T-FILE011: Kriotek - "BoRRhot"
T-FILE010: Asphexia - "Shifted Impact"
T-FILE009: Tamas - "Last Chance"
T-FILE008: Walder - "Gorale"
T-FILE007: kr4y - "Depurify"
T-FILE006: Matt Domino ft. The Razor Choir - "False Sense Of Security"
T-FILE005: Redco - "C-Clone"
T-FILE004: Isotop + Shots - "Dioxin"
T-FILE003: Kaiza feat. amex + D-Struct - "Meriva (Vivian)"
T-FILE002: Pyro + Mundane - "FFWD"
T-FILE001: Spinor - "Deadlift"





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Alt 06.09.2009, 15:43   #2
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Ort: techno city
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hab ich doch schon
the true "Fangirl"

♥ Hard-Techno-DNB ♥ Detroit Acid Tribal Dub Techno Ragga/Jungle Dnb Drumfunk Neurofunk
Tech Dubstep French Industrial Break Dark Hardcore IDM Ambient EBM Electro Experimental
Glitch Hip-Hop...

http://www.tilt-recordings.com ♥ http://t3kdnb.de ♥ http://techno-dnb.com ♥ http://usb.unitedsb.de
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Alt 20.09.2009, 16:59   #3
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Ort: dnb capital, lol
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knarzt ziemlich crazy rein!

potente geschichte: kaiza und t+e

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Alt 27.09.2009, 19:27   #4
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geiles teil!

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