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Vinyl Elite Force -Jack the Joint Remixes [UAA014]


Elite force - Jack The Joint [UAA014]
With Remixes from Zodiac Cartel, Deepgroove & Introspective.
OUT NOW :: Exclusively on Beatport

"Loving this new bumpy weird fairground ride smith & hack stylee" Sasha

"Elite Force’s eclectic, but always pounding, U&A Recordings lets fly another belting remix package with the allusive Zodiac Cartel once again turning up and running away with the show. His mix of ‘Jack the Joint’ is one hell of a filthy, groovin’ monster, which is how stomping, head down and ankle deep in mud would sound if it were a noise instead of a scenario…hmm... Ok, also Deepgroove turn in another nice version which is a little less sludgy, but pleasing all the same, and we also have a cut from Introspective who sit somewhere in the middle, with their pulsating big bassline interpretation." K1 [iDJ Magazine]
***** Recommended

Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Zodiac Cartel's Bumpin' Mix)
Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Zodiac Cartel's Flowin' Mix) [EXCLUSIVE to BEATPORT]
Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Deepgroove Mix)
Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Introspective' Mix)
Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Original Mix)


After a brief, summer breather, the U&A Empire strikes back, light-sabres at the ready, with the next in their series of untouchable re-works of classics from the Elite Force vaults. Under the remixers' scalpels this time, is ‘Jack The Joint’, the bumping acid-house driven epic that originally appeared on the Kingsize imprint back in 2003. Whilst the original still oozes a timeless charm thanks to the ubiquitous, bubbling 303s and euphoric strings, the re-workings take us into fresh, uncharted territory, stretching the original into fresh & fascinating forms.

First up is self-confessed ‘House head with a Techno soul’, Zodiac Cartel, who has been in great demand from the likes of Instereo, Cubism, Coco Machete, Wearhouse & TCR of late, following on from his massive reworking of Elite Force’s ‘Used & Abused’ from late last year. His reworkings of Jack the Joiny, both take different courses, with the Bumpin’ Mix crafting an epic, fidget-orientated journey through the world of the JACK (this mix has already appeared on Meat Katie’s recent ‘Sessions’ mix album), whilst the Flowin’ Mix will appeal to those looking for a smoother form of filth, pulsing as it does right to the wire (this one is to be exclusively available from Beatport).

Next up are Deepgroove who need no introduction, having been the darlings of the new-school-of-house-music for a number of years now with releases on Jesse Rose’s Made to Play, Alter Ego’s Klang Elektronik and Darren Emerson’s Underwater imprints. They take the original twist the Jack into new late-night forms with their heads-down take on a deeper groove.

Last but not least, Tech-Funker uber-kid and Ministry of Sound / Sinister darling Introspective, comes correct with what is surely his most engaging and complete work yet. In a huge big-room electro-house mix he conjours up an epic remix with grinding basslines and huge, emotive breakdowns that is sure to get jaws dropping & floors burning.

"Loving this new bumpy weird fairground ride smith & hack stylee" Sasha
"Possibly the best release yet ... and thats saying something!" [Kai-1 (iDJ Magazine)]
"Full support from me - well I did license the ZC mix to my Ministry comp after all!" Meat Katie (Lot49)]
"I like all 3 mixes the zc's mix for me is the best." [Donald Glaude (InStereo)]
"Hey really liking the Deepgroove Mix nice bounce to it. Love the creepy synths also!" [Tim Green aka TG (Dirtybird)]
"awesome work here gents!! an alltime fav gets a wicked rework... love it!! " [Sonny Wharton]
"thanks for the track, very good work!" [Joseph Capriati]
"Introspective and ZC mixes are mental! Fucking huge growlers! Rah! " [Dopamine (Title Fight)]
"Defo supporting this (Zodiac) jackin joint. " [The Bulgarian (Potty Mouth)]
"Big Release! Really like the Itrospective and Zodiac Cartel mixes! " [Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method)]
"Top stuff guys, killer track!" [Tim Shearer]
"dope dope dope mix guys!! looking forward on playing it" [Bjorn Wolf (Flamingo)]
"Just a quick one to say I'm loving the Deepgroove mix, I dropped it in my set after Zabiela at the weekend and the place went bananas. That rise just teases and teases! " [Matt Cooper]
"It's a tough decision between the Zodiac Cartel and the Introspective mix here - I really like them both. Quality stuff from U&A as always!!" [Plaza da Funk]
"Zodiac Cartel are big you kno!!! " [Foamo (Southern Fried)]
"Zodiac Cartels... woah there what abreak down... sweet remix... Deepgroove... oooooh bleepy love this.. will play it loads on brap.fm... Intrrspective... THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!! proper club remix this... " [Ben & Lex (Beats & Bobz)]
"All of a high standard of course but the only thing I'd use here is the ZC mix" [Rogue Element (Exceptional)]
"Play this last nite, FANTASTIC response, this track has attitude!!" [Ricardo da Costa (Soul Candi)]
"Deepgroove remix is epic. Will drop this when the sun starts coming up again ;-)" [Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse)]
"zodiac mix... booooooooom lovely bubbly funky glitchy fun :-)" [Si Begg (Noodles/Ninja)]
"Yeah this is the b*llocks. Played it at dq in sheff on the weekend, tore it up...." [Chris Nobles (Redroom Sessions)]
"i love the Zodiac Cartel remix" [Zigmund Slezak (iDJ)]
"Another amazing remix from Deepgroove Duo... total support!!!" [Sergio Matina (Tendenzia Records - Italy)]
"What an amazing track, really deep dark and dirty techouse at its best" [Nils Hess]
"Great production. Introspective mix is my fave! " [Tony Tay (Zouk Club, Singapore)]
"the Introspective is mix is thumpin, killer breakdown! started to play more of this stuff recently so keep em coming! " [Ctrl Z (Hardcore Beats / Pyro Radio)]
"Like the Deepgroove remix - will give it a spin this weekend" [Terry Hooligan (Atomic Hooligan)]
"Zodiac Cartel again delivers a heavy dancefloor destroyer. But Deepgroove's nice techhouse mix is the tune for me on the release" [Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings, Budapest)]
"Zodiac Cartel is the man...no doubt...and in Jack we trust" [Aurelio Cianciota (Jaurelio, Italia)]
"Another very strong package from U&A. Loving the ZC and Deepgroove remixes! " [Richard Belsom (Phobic)]
"brilliant tracks" [Dextress (HouseFM)]
"Jack the Joint is one of my favourite EF tracks ever, so these remixes have to be special. and they are! especially Zodiac Cartel jackin restless techno take and absolutely monstrous Introspective tech-funk remix, whihc is probably the biggest tune here for me. Deepgroove bumpin remix is really good too, so i'm gonna support all these versions in my radio shows at Radio Euro (Basstion, Funkadelia) and i will use Zodiac Cartel and Introspective remixes in my DJ sets." [Harper (Boogie Mafia, Poland)]
"Wow... what a pack, I dig all the mixes. Time for a mega mix. " [Uberzone (Functional)]
"Really solid remixes from all 3 veterans, but the ZC remix is where I'm at right now - highly infectious bounce! " [Butter Party (U&A)]
"Love the ZC mix, incredibly detailed a groovy as always. The Introspective mix being more of a peak time affair is right up our alley as well. Got a very nice drive to it! " [Hyperion (Oz) (U&A/Lot 49)]
"Excellent all round package, will support for sure! " [Dom Kane (Space, Ibiza)]
"Introspective mix is dirty! Liking the Zodiac Cartel mix too! Full support!. " [High Eight (nsb radio)]
"Great release, think the introspective remix just about bags the 1st place for me. " [Cut La Roc (Skint)]
"Zodiac Cartel Remix is my pick, a little less bangin than most of his other remixes & definitely something we can work into our sets. Introspective mix is quality as well though, another quality package, U&A on fire at the moment!! " [Ryan (Bitrok)]
"Really like the Deepgroove mix. " [Sam Vandal (Lot 49)]


Many thanks for the continued support,
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