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23.02.07 Anschluss- booking für Jade (Budapest) gesucht

hey leutz
wir machen in rostock am 24.02.07 auf der stubnitz in rostock eine party mit Jade als gast.
deshalb suchen wir nach einem anschluss für den Fr. 23.02.07. er ist ein hammer DJ und
konditionen wären auch top günstig + flysharing !

falls jemand am 23.02. etwas veranstaltet, dann wäre Jade fürn guten preis als hammer DJ zu haben

hiern paar infos:

Jade and Matt-U are Gabor Simon (26) and Matyas Szalai (23) from Budapest, Hungary, definitely the centre of drum and bass in Central Europe.

They got introduced to Drum&Bass in 2000 after a couple of years producing in different genres separately. The stlyle was a great impression to their production, Matt-U started working on liquid tunes, while Jade was more into the dark, technoid sounds. Jade and Matt-U both used to upload their early tunes to a hungarian production message board, which was also the starting ground of SKC and Chris.SU. Years passed as they got deeper and deeper in the art of electroinic music production, improving their sound design, mixing and arrangement.

A year after they first met in 2004, their first collaboration, 'Got Lost' was born, and gained huge success by getting singed to Black Sun Empire Recordings. They kept on working together, and created ‘Salem’ and ‘Nightmare’, both tunes came out on the mighty Moving Shadow, while another 12” was released on Ryme Tyme’s Spawn Recordings: ‘Stars’ flipped by ‘Treachery’. In the near future ‘Hellhound’ and ‘Silver Wings’ is to come out on his legendary 1210 Recordings.

Matt-U on his own focuses on liquid and dubby Drum&Bass, and he is also a member of another crew, called Soulproof. With releases at Fokuz Recordings, and forthcomings at Timeless, Habit Rec, Horizons Music, and Commercial Suicide he is also estabilished his name as a liquid drum and bass producer and dj.

Jade alone makes harder techy tunes, like ‘Acid Flood’ came out recently on the Endangered Species LP on BSE, but he also finds joy in making bootlegs, like the massive anthem ‘Pump Friction’, a rework of the famous theme from the Pulp Fiction movie. Jade does Breakbeat too, exclusively at DJ Quest's (UK) Cyberfunk Records .

Jade and Matt-U have also successfully started their dj-carrier in 2004, gaining massive interest. Their sets are unique, thanks to their different orientation, resulting a diverse rolling dancefloor experience.

Lately they launched their studio mix series under the name of Condition Red, the first chapter already has been downloaded 15000 times.

Condition Red Mix 2:


2004 - Jade & Matt-U - Got Lost (Black Sun Empire / BSEEP001)
2005 - Jade & Matt-U - Nightmare (Moving Shadow / SHADOW178)
2005 - Jade & Matt-U - Salem (Moving Shadow / SHADOW178)
2005 - Jade & Matt-U - Treachery (Spawn / SPAWN003)
2005 - Jade & Matt-U - Stars (Spawn / SPAWN003)
2006 - Jade - „Pump Friction” Pulp Fiction Bootleg (Breakbeat Worldwide / BBWN002)
2006 - Jade - Made Of Steel (Cyberfunk / CF024)
2006 - Jade & Matt-U - Broken Stars (Cyberfunk / CF024)
2006 - Jade - Acid Flood (Black Sun Empire / BSELP003EP1)
2006 - Mindscape & Jade - Unpleasant Surprise (Citrus / CITRUS024)
2006 - Jade - Bitch (Citrus / CITRUS025)
2007 - Jade & Matt-U - Hellhound (1210 / 121011)
2007 - Jade & Matt-U - Silver Wings (1210 / 121011)


2007 - Jade - Intergalactic bootleg (INTER001)
2007 - Mindscape & Jade - Insomnia
2007 - Mindscape, Jade & Hydro - Black Lotus (Citrus / CITRUSLP002)
2007 - Chris.SU & Jade - Murderer
2007 - Jade - Unexist (Black Sun Empire)
2007 - Jade & Rusher - Silent Hell (Close 2 Death)
2007 - Anima Sound System - More Fire (Jade & Matt-U Rmx) (CLS)



24.02. w/ Jade @ MS Stubnitz, Rostock
17.03. w/ Misanthrop @ Rosis, Berlin
31.03. w/ Black Sun Empire @ Icon, Berlin

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