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V8 present 'END OF LINE' Remix Competition!



The time has come for a remix competition by the Black Hoe imprint named PROJECT:V8. We the V8 offer You the chance to remix the dump-thump-whomp floorkiller 'End Of Line'.

About 'End Of Line'

That was the first track released on Project:V8 in a few months ago.

First chapter by the mighty grindhouse-bass founder V8. 'End Of Line' is a heavy techno-addict-drum'n'bass flavoured with hardcore elements. Mark our words: "Grindhouse-Bass Catch You!"

Watch the End Of Line video on Youtube Video:


Clip on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/blackhoe/v8-end-of-line or
128 kbps full length track: http://www.blackhoe-recordings.com/v...ne-128kbps.mp3

Expectations and rules:
- You can use Your own samples as well;
- Do NOT send unfinished clips, only finished tracks with full length;
- Sent remixes must be at least in 192 kbps;
- Do NOT forget to add Your name and contact on track title or its ID TAG so we could contact You back;
- Use Your own ftp server by uploading Your track, send us directly to heavy.v8@gmail.com or http://soundcloud.com/project_v8/dropbox or try other file sharing system (the easy ones e.g. sendspace);
- Be creative and do NOT hesitate to send hybrid stuffs (techno-, hardcore techno-influenced, halfstep, experimental or drill'n'bass are favourable!);
- Quality and NOT quantity.

- As judged by the V8 guys, the first two winning remixes will get releases on Project:V8;
- Full back and forth catalogue of Project:V8 and Black Hoe Alimony.

Deadline for entries: the 1st of July, 2010.

Sample pack can be downloaded from: http://www.blackhoe-recordings.com/s...ample_pack.zip or
Mirror: http://www.sendspace.com/file/p3pugv (Size: approx.50M)
For Black Hoe Toolbar users: sample pack and video are available for download as well! http://blackhoerecordings.ourtoolbar.com

If You want to send Your Remix by mail: heavy.v8@gmail.com
If You want to send Your Remix via Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/project_v8/dropbox

Visit us on the Black Hoe web or Myspace and get to know more about the V8:

Good luck and have a good work, we are waiting for Your entry!

All parts of remix samples remain the property of Black Hoe Recordings and use of these parts in other productions is strictly prohibited!
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