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Alt 13.04.2009, 23:42   #1
Metal Head
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Ort: munich
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01.05.09: WANTED feat. PROKTAH @ Muffatcafé, München

WANTED reloaded
featuring djs:
>> PROKTAH (shadybrain/close2death - Constance-Paris)
>> LA LOAKAII (fungleJUNK/M94.5 bb-a)
>> THE GUEST (urban guerillas)
and mcs:
>> MICOMASSIVE (Vitamin Bass)
>> THEBIGBLACK (Troyanic B.)
FREITAG 01.05.09 ab 23h00
MUFFATCAFÉ - Zellstr. 4 - München
S Bahn Rosenheimerstr./Isartor /// Tram.18 Deutsches Museum
Damien Simonot is 24 years old French, born in Paris and presently living in the south
of Germany in a little town called Constance. He stumbled into dnb whilst doing an
alternative-rock show at a local radio-station. "I can´t remember why but somebody
gave me Teebee´s "human raptile", so basically that must have been around 2000-
2001. That tune simply fascinated me." Since then dnb has been a major part of
Proktah´s life... First as an MC then as a producer and now finally also as DJ.
He started producing around 2004 under the alias of "Frenchi" and kept on going,
producing all kinds of styles. Concentrating on the more technical aspects of this
sound since 2006, he recently changed his name into Proktah. His style is heavily
influenced by the pioneers of neuro-funk. But sticking to his musical roots-reggae
and alternative-rock, Proktah´s style is an unmistakable one within the wide range
of today´s neuro-funk.

Further more, Proktah is co-owner of the uprising flight recordings, a dnb label with a
big future coming up. Featured artists are Misanthrop, N.Phect, Dementia & Regula,
Lost Sequence, Proktah himself and more.
as Frenchi:
Frenchi - Daydreams (HAB002)
Frenchi - The Way/Scarabeus (HAB007)
as Proktah:
Proktah - Labyrinth (Phace Rmx)/ Backfire (HAB010)
Proktah - Apprentice (N.Phect Rmx)/ Disruptor (TrIM005)
Proktah - Razorblade/Congestion (TrIM007)
Proktah - Saccharine (Flight001)
Kenei & Proktah - Shockwaves (MPR010)
Proktah - What U Know ft. Mc Coppa (Shadybrain)
Krooked - Wayfinder (Proktah Rmx) (Basswerk)
Proktah - Apprentice/Phalarsis (Protogen)
Proktah & Hedj - Rhino/Out Of Trance (Flight)

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Alt 29.04.2009, 14:05   #2
Metal Head
Registriert seit: 23.12.2004
Ort: munich
Beiträge: 438
diesen Freitag, Muffe-Biergarten hat auch scho geöffnet!!
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