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Alt 18.05.2009, 15:13   #1
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12.06.09: High Duty ft. CATIVO @ Bogen2, Köln

TREI hat uns beim letzten Mal im Bogen in Grund und Boden gerockt!!

Das hat ihm (und uns) so gut gefallen, dass er auf jeden Fall nochmal wiederkommen wird, versprochen!

Der HIGH DUTY Gast im Juni ist kein geringerer als CATIVO, weithin bekannt für seinen energetischen und druckvollen Stil, den er im Mixing wie auch im Producing unter Beweis stellt.
Da er nun wieder einige neue Releases in den Startlöchern hat richten wir das Augenmerk auf diesen bemerkenswerten Drum&Bass-Freund..


Cativo first experienced music in the shape of Italian arias und folksongs from Naples, his father’s hometown. Further steps of his musical self-definition were EBM, Industrial, and Techno. Between 1988 and 1995, groups like Front Line Assembly, Ministry, Joey Beltram, and KFMDM mainly inspired Cativo. Having worked in a record store from 1992 to 1995, Cativo gradually started to produce his first own tracks and to perform as a DJ .
His good friend LELONEK (ANOKHA), living in London, got him in touch with Drum’n’Bass. The amazing energy of this special kind of dance music infected him with ease. As a matter of fact, Cativo reanimated the legendary “Noize Club” (named after the incredibly loud sound system) of his favorite club, Würzburg’s Airport, being one of the biggest clubs in Germany.
In 1999, leading German electronic label Force Inc. signed him. His releases caught the attention of both European and American press, being praised for their uncompromising style and uniqueness.
Cativo is looking back at some really busy years, yet even busier to come -
the man of the german drum`n`bass scene. Apart from bringing out several productions and touring as a dj, founding his own label ASSIMILATE REC. he is managing a busy club night ( list of guest djs for these events: Hype, Aphrodite, Dieselboy, Krust, LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Jonny L, Bad.Company, Optical.. to name just a few.) He is a resident Dj for a club in Würzburg, Nürnberg and for the” Hoch10”- Events in Hamburg.
Not only the unique style of his sets but his high quality productions seem
to hit the right spot as his tunes are being played regularly on air by
legendary BBC Radio 1 dj John Peel (R.I.P.).
A successful proof of CATIVOS talent is his mix cd `The Incredible New School of German D&B`(2004).
2005 He worked on many other Projects, like CD-Rom production for BMW Munich. He played every important spot in germany and many other places around Europe and the US. Cativo is a leading head of the “German D&B Movement”, an outstanding DJ, known for his hard and driving sets excellent mixing of the newest trax from the UK, Germany & the rest of the world.

drum and bass pressure

FR 12.06.09


CATIVO – Assimilate Rec._Urban Takeover

Don K-Li -- High Duty_ Bassblüten
HAPTIC -- High Duty_ Breakbeat Injection
MC TEMPER – High Duty_Close 2 Death Rec._KOTJ

22 – 00 Dubstep WARM-UP
I.DOT -- High Duty_ Bassblüten - M,Gladbach

wann: Freitag / 12.06.09
wo: @Bogen 2/Trankgasse 20

start: 22.00 uhr

fee: 7 € clubmemberz, normal 10 €

please check:

http://myspace.com/cativo cativo@myspace
http://cativo.de cativo homepage
http://myspace.com/highduty high duty@myspace
http://myspace.com/nuforms nuforms@myspace
http://myspace.com/donkli don k-li@myspace
http://myspace.com/hapticbreakz haptic@myspace
http://myspace.com/mctemper mc temper@myspace
http://www.myspace.com/martialirie i.dot@myspace

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Alt 18.05.2009, 16:01   #2
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Zitat von NUFORMS Beitrag anzeigen
Der HIGH DUTY Gast im Mai ist kein geringerer als CATIVO....
Und wieso kommt er laut Datum erst im Juni!?
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Alt 19.05.2009, 10:51   #3
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Thumbs up

edit ......
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Alt 07.06.2009, 17:33   #4
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dett wird bombe!.
<<< ((( [|]\^!^/[|] ))) >>>

ich hab kacka in mein bett gemacht also hab ichs auf den fernseher getan
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Alt 09.06.2009, 15:58   #5
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lastminute guestlist: http://verlosung.dnbszene.de

── DNBSzene.de ── Facebook.com/DNBSzene ──
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