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Under Pressure Records & The Funktastics Are Back

Under Pressure Records & The Funktastics are back.

The label was created in 2001 and came with tracks and remixes from Stakka & Skynet, Dj Skinny Aka Nu Balance, Dj Friction, Nitrox & Lynx to name a few…2012 is the re-born and the label will now offer Bass Music / Dubstep / D&B / Hip-Hop / House / Uk Funky...


Funktastics are no newcomer in the jungle / drum and bass bizness. Hailing from France, the group comprise Hugabass (founder of legendary parisian parties I Love Jungle and Jungle Juice), C-Nine and jungle pioneer DJ Science. They've already had a stride of underground hits on reknowned labels such as Good Looking, Shogun Audio and Spin recordings. After a brief hiatus honing their studio skills, they're finally back in the game with a punchier and more polished sound ! Marrying their infinite love for funk, electro and big bad dancefloor bass, their new productions also opened up to a wider range of bpm's as their upcoming "Soultown EP" on french label Under Pressure Records attests, notably with 2step and dubstep influenced tracks.


You can listen to the Soultown Ep (3 D&B +1 Dubstep) on our soundcloud page.


Udpr 011 - The Funktastics - Soultwon EP / Release Date 07.05.12

That's right, after a brief hiatus honing their studio skills, the Parisian trio is bringing the heat again !
Starting with the EP title, Soultown, you know the funk is on ! With pitched up soul vocals, old school jungle breaks, irie piano riffs and relentless jumpin bass, the track is all about the funk ! Ever changing from bar to bar, Soultown is a pure musical journey with a grimey bass twist for playaz and ladies alike !
Second drum and bass track on the EP is Friday's Child ! A catchy swedish piano riff intro, big disco stabs, spacey strings and mellow guitar loops all make for a big moody roller. Liquid funk at its best.
The Friday's Child -dub2step remix- is a totally different affair that comes out as a jumpy dubstep/2step track with a dub westcoast flavor if such thing exists ! Once again it offers plenty of switches for a very dubbed out trip and a soulful breakdown to die for !
Finally "The Ghetto is a Jungle" rounds the Soultown EP with a bang. Starting with an infamous jazz loop "à la Tribe Called Quest", the rolling beats, oldschool ragga calls and herbie hancock style chords all make for a perfect summer vibe. Cherry on the cake being the half step breakdown that completes this already good dj tool and makes for a perfect piece of aural pleasure.
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