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mp3 [Break-Fast Audio] PLK - Over Night EP // OUT NOW!!

BFAD011 // PLK - Over Night EP

A: PLK - Ivory

B: PLK - Mastik

C: PLK - Over Night

D: PLK - Raven

Release date: 01.05.2009

Break-Fast Audio is proud to present a world premiere: Israeli PLK's debut EP "Over Night" and one thing is sure: these productions have taken much more than one night to emerge from his Tel-Aviv based studio.

BFAD011A: PLK - Ivory

The EP's first track, Ivory instantly showcases PLK's production skills. Crisp beats, lush atmospheric soundscapes and a deep bass are accompanied by a signature arabesque instrument. Intelligent, subtle and extremely captivating, this track sets the mood for a great DJ set.

BFAD011B: PLK - Mastik

Mastik further establishes PLK's engineering skills. This time, it's a modulated synth affair combining rattling beats and a mysterious vocal with the occasional breakdown for dancefloor bliss. Halfway, a percussive lead takes over and leads the way to a fullmoon party somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert.

BFAD011C: PLK - Over Night

Many sleepless nights must have been spent in contriving the title track of this EP, Over Night. PLK's distinct sound is taken to another darker, high fidelity dimension as snapping kicks, snares and stinging hihats merge and occasionally are alternated by an eclectic ambience of choir vocals transforming into synth strings and, finally, a deep round bass sequence. Atmospheric, deep dark drum 'n bass at its best.

BFAD011D: PLK - Raven

This EP's last track serves its purpose well: hammering home PLK as a household name for the discerning Drum 'n Bass aficionado. Dark atmospherics and high definition breakbeats undulate on a sinister synthesized bass that will send shivers down the spines of many a drum 'n basshead.

Once again, Break-Fast Audio confirms its pivotal role in bringing you the finest of the underground and is very proud to introduce PLK's soon-to-be dominating brand of Drum 'n Bass. Watch this artist as he will rise to the top of his game.

This release is now available at:

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