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Alt 11.08.2005, 13:30   #1
hustlin l.
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Post Limewax & SPL European Tour Late November Early December '05

Limewax & SPL European Tour Late November Early December '05 Book Now!!!

SPL+Limewax European Tour!!!
We are now taking dates for late November/early December. If you want damage from us, you know who to talk to...

Contact Robyn at Anger Management for bookings.


TEL: + 44(0)7949 319 721

FAX: +44(0)1179 075 362



A little info on Limewax:

Limewax doesn't like to be thought of as a child prodigy, but he is, despite his protests, the young Einstein of the Anger / Tech Freak posse. At only 17, he is already producing tracks on par with the big guns, and holding his own in the sickness department! Born in 1988 (!) he was weaned on hardcore vodka and babushka's in Russia and the Ukraine until the tender age of 11, where he then moved to the smoker's paradise that is Holland. A classically trained pianist, he began his descent into the griminess of drum and bass through listening to radio shows and breakbeat and ambient. Soon after his 11th birthday, he received some old equipment and began to mess about with atmospherics, and wrote a few symphonies (yes, symphonies - we're talking a young Mozart here!) and soon moved from old beaten up Roland's to getting his head around reason at age 15. From 15 to now has been all hard work, perspiration and ahelluva lot of inspiration! Limewax's tunes are reminiscent of the dark sci fi landscapes of Technical Itch, the driving dark funk force of Dylan, like a hybrid love child - he is easily one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Europe this year, and without a doubt will remain so for the years ahead! With the soon to be released E.P. on Tech Itch Recordings, as well as tracks such as, The Lawra, Eye's of Evil (a personal fave with the gabba-esque, no-holds-barred attack in the middle of the tune), as well as the ?Slave to Life? and ?Life of Sin? remixes, not to mention all the collaborations with partner in slime SPL (!!)... Limewax may be young in age, but will rock the dance floor like a long established pro!! Mark my words, it is only the beginning...so watch this space!!!

Forthcoming tunes from Limewax ...

Eyes of Evil/The Lawra

-Tech Itch:
Changing Crisis EP:
Changing Crisis
Cracking Core
Complete Door

Tech Itch & Mc Jackes - Life of sin (limewax Rmx)

-Tech Freaks:





Ritual Station/The Limit


A little info on SPL:

SPL (aka Sam Pool), originally from Oregon USA, started his career in music by playing drums in his early teens. From this he was instantly hooked on creating music. Unable to ever find a band to join and with a growing thirst for electronic music he tried downloading some simple midi software and began programming beats and melodies on his parents computer in the family room. Inspired by artists in drum and bass and IDM, he was instantly hooked on the idea of composing entire pieces of music from his head. From that point on, it was just a constant quest for more ways to express himself.

Over time SPL got his hands on more software and continued moving forward with his music. Always critical of his sound and never satisfied, things just kept moving forward while he perfected his skill. At the tender age of 15, SPL went to his first rave and was hooked on dance music from there. He began djing in his bedroom and within 6 months began playing regular gigs in the local rave scene spinning anything from techno to drum and bass. He soon found that drum and bass was the only dance music that kept his interest.

After being bitten by the dj bug he started working on producing dance music at home and as music software technology developed he found that he could do everything he needed to to improve his skills on a minimal setup. A few years, and an updated studio later, his music was being noticed on a global scale and after hard work and refining of his own sound he was picked up by Tech Itch Recordings with rmx work and an ep due out. Soon after he caught the attention of Dylan and was invited into
the Freak / Anger family as well. From this point onwards, SPL continues to improve his sound - striving to push his own vibe on the drum and bass world. Currently working with artists such as Freak and Tech Itch's own Limewax and side projects with Bill Laswell, audio engineering college in Amsterdam and his own ambient/industrial side projects in the works, 2005 looks like a strong year for for the young Oregon soldier. With this much achievement at the age of merely 20, the future looks brighter, (or should we say darker), every day for SPL.....

Forthcoming tunes from SPL...

-Tech Itch:
EP name TBC:
Grey Dream
It Won't Stop

-Tech Itch:
Rmx EP:
Technical Itch - Elevation (SPL Rmx)

Muffler - Embrace (SPL Rmx)


Possession vs. SPL - Sick Inside
Possession vs. SPL - When the Angels Kiss

-Bill Laswell featuring VA:


Us Against the World LP

-Outbreak Ltd:
Urban Revolt vol. 2 EP

-Outbreak Ltd:
To the Teeth

For Love of the Game
Let the Dead in
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Alt 12.08.2005, 21:39   #2
hustlin l.
Hardcore Head
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harter style kommt von den beiden! würd mich freuen die jungs hier in der region mal hören zukönnen!

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Alt 13.08.2005, 03:48   #3
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ja, ich (bzw. WIR). aber da geht halt keine kohle
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Alt 13.08.2005, 16:14   #4
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buchen die freax!!!

da geht einiges
get ill baby!

l system killaz | sidechain music l giana-brotherz | spun | leetradio l dnbnation l trackdonalds |
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