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Alt 07.09.2015, 18:14   #1
Gold Head
Registriert seit: 06.09.2006
Ort: Wonderland
Beiträge: 1.055
V:Auflösung meiner Plattensammlung Drum&Bass, Oldskool, Techno

Hi Leute,
habe beschlossen meine lieben Schätze zu verkaufen und hoffe hier vielleicht ein paar dankbare Abnehmer zu finden.

Die meisten Schallplatten sind im Zustand „VG“ (Very Good/ (Die Schallplatte ist ein oder mehrfach abgespielt und weist leichte Fremdgeräusche auf. Ganz feine bis feine Kratzer sind vorhanden, jedoch kaum hörbar.)

Ein kleiner Teil ist im Zustand G = Good (Die Schallplatte ist noch gut abspielbar jedoch schon häufig bis recht oft abgespielt worden. Hörbar sind Fremdgeräusche wie leichte Kratzer oder durch wiederholtes Abspielen entstandenes Grundrauschen.)

Gerne kann man auch vorbeikommen und die Platten ansehen und gerne auch reinhören.

Bei Interesse bitte PN.


Hier die Liste:


Konflict – Beckoning/ Messiah (Renegade Hardware)

Dj Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Fckin' Hardcore/ In Effect(The Remix/ In Effect ( Dark Dub) (Slammin Vinyl)

Orca – 4 Track Ep (Lucky Spin)

Sonz Of Da Loop Era – Far Out/ Higher (Suburban Base)

Luna C – Edge Of Madness/ Insanity Clause/ Mind Of A Lunatic (Kniteforce Remix)


Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Six Days/Take Me Away ( Kniteforce)

D.Force- Original Bad Boy E.P ( Slammin Vinyl)

SMD #1

Subject 13 – The Unique Beazs EP/ Intense Remixes) (12“ EP) (Underground Level Recordings)

London Steppers – Thru The Vibe/ Nu Grooves (Cyndicate Rec)

Luna C – Piano Progression (KF) (PROMO)

2 Bad Mice – Hold it down (Moving Shadow)

Drum & Bass

Counterstrike – Bodybag/Mutilation (Obscene)

N. Phect & Dizplay – Velvet Morning/ The Syndicate (Basswerk)

EBK – Blackboard Jungle / Unknown Error – Exit (Renegade Hardware)

Concord Dawn – Tonight (Pendulum Remix)/ Apollo13 (Function Records)

Black Sun Emipre – Stasis/ Swipe (BSE Rec)

The Panacea – Lucifer Satan Damien (Kniteforce)

Donny – The Forgotten/ T.Z.A – Hunker Down (Barcode)

Spl – Denied /Nihil (Lost Soul)

D.Kay The Martians/ Concord Dawn – Bad Bones (Ill Skillz Remix) (Freak)

Noisia – Brainstich / Drifter – Deeper Love (Shogun Audio)

Giana Brothers – Jump'n run/ drohne (Basswerk)

The Prodigy – Smack my Bitch up/ Vodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (XL Rec)

Rascal & Klone – Python Woman/ Headspin (Noizworks)

Phace & N.Phect – Confront/ Brute Force (Full Force)

Black Sun Empire – Endangered Species Part 1 (BSE)

Rawthang – Scorned/ Benji – AI (Rawthang Remix) (BSE)

Black Sun Empire – Arrakis/ Dont't You (BSE)

G-I-S + Norman Wax – Steck der Zeiten/ Letuce – The Lost Paradise (G-I-S Remix) (Intransigent)

Spor – Tactics Ep (Renegade Hardware)

Baron – Autograph/ Locked Version (Outbreak)

Black Sun Empire – Breach/ B'Negative Remix (BSE)

Silent Extend – Fallin Down/ Jade & Rusher – Silent Hell (C2D)

Black Sun Empire – Stone Faces/ Benjie – AI (BSE)

Chris Su – Corrosion/ Puple Unit – Dream Time (Step2Zero)

Renegade Hardware Chronicles Volume 2

Aphrodite – Lava Flow/ Fanfare

Hochi & Infiltrata – Sidewinder (Remix)/ Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Photek Productions)

Bad Company – The Fear Ep (BC)

Technical Itch 040

Various – DSCI 4 Remix Ep (DSCI 4)

Corrupt Souls – Skullfucked/ 1138 (BSE)

Stakka & Sknet – Clockwork EP Underfire)

LOVE006 Fade to Grey/ Out of Breath

Hardware Chronicles Volume 3 (Renegade Hardware)

Crossfire – Hideout (1210 Recordings)

Black Sun Empire – Driving Insane/ The Rat Remix) (BSE)

Black Sun Empire – DSCI4 EP 002 – Smoke/ Asphyxiation/ 1800 Contact/ Geiger (DSCI4)

The Panacea & Dose D – Schwarze Puppen/ DJ G-I-S – Zurück zu den Schatten (Intransigent Rec)

Chris Su Su & SKC – Black Out/ SKC – Lobotomy (DSCI4)

Ghostface – Nocturnal/ Haunted House (Voodoo)

3rd State – Drunkin'/ World of perception (bass indeed)

Blame – Dessert Planet / Cyberum (720)

Dj Kryptic - Going Down/ Sundown (Restless Rec)

T.Z.A. - Lady Sucks/ Suck It Up (Barcode)

Clipz – Cuban Links (Fresh Remix)/ Cybin – Tripods (Emcee Recordings)

RAM Trilogy – Screamer E.P (RAM)

Concord Dawn – Morning Light/ Check This Sound (Timeless)

Rawthang feat. Kati Rueslatten – Epilouge VIP/ ICBM – The Pursuit (Black Su Empire Rec)

Adam F feat. M.O.P. - Stand Clear/ Remixed by Andy C & Ant Miles (Kaos Rec)

Black Sun Empire – Spine EP (Black Sun Empire Rec)

Chris Su – Check Mate/ Anorganik – Overload (Music4ever Rec)

Paul B – Sublime/ Cash & Wenia – Agony (Messarosh Rec)

Utah Saints – Something Good '08 (Data Rec)

Dj Hazzard – Ready 4 This Ep (Ganja Recordings)

Taxman – The Rebate (G Dub Remix)/Evasion (Propaganda)

Cross Channel – BM Funkster ( Aphrodite)

Zinc – Steppin Stones/ South Pacific (Bingo Beats)

Lil Louis Vega – French Kiss

Shy Fx – Shake Your Body (Ebony)

Rawhill Crew – Mo' Fire Ep (U3R)

Royce & E.Decay feat. Mc Dragoon – Kings of the Jungle „The Anthem“

Dj Die – Blow Your Whistle/ My Bad (Full Cycle)

Baron & Friction – Butt Ugly Martians/ Hangar Lane ( Shogun Audio)

Dj Zinc – Reachout/ Reachout (Brockie & Ed Solo Remix) (True Playaz)

A Sides – Emunation/ Doodlebug (Fuze Rec)

Vital Elements – Tortune Chamber/ Badman (Reformed)

Aphrodite – All Over Me

Moving Fusion – Remix Ep (RAM Promo)

Dj Fresh – Dalicks/ Temple Of Doom (Breakbeat Kaos) PICTURE DISC

Futurebound & Jaquan feat. Capelton – We See A Who (Vocal Mix) / We See A Who (Dub Mix) (Maximum Boost)

T-10 (Dilinja Remix)/ (Clipz Remix) (Kaos Rec)

Baron – Squelch (Sub Focus Remix)/ Squelch (Generation Dub Remix) PROMO

Krust – Paper Monster/ Follow Da Vision (Full Cycle)

Afro Kid – Stomper/ Yo Dj (V Rec)

2x Chase & Status – feat. Capelton – Duppy Man (Breakbeat Kaos)

John B – Pressure/ Travelogue ( Formation)

David Carbone – Heavies/ Escape feat. Clari (Distorted Mind Remix) (BS1 Rec)

Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – Bad Ass/ Drop Top Caddy (Urban Takeover)

Mampi Swift – The Rainman E.P (Charge Rec)

J Majik, Wickaman, Futurebound – Mr. Hunger/ Pitbull (Infrared Rec)

Dilinja – Fast Car/ No Future (Valve Rec)

Wrisk – Smashed/ Wrisk & Mackie – G Step (Magna Karta Remix) (Gain Rec) PROMO

High Contrast – Twilight's Last Gleaming/ Made It Last Night (Hospital Rec)

Chase & Status – Call To Prayer/ Stand Off (Barcode) PROMO

Keaton & Hive – Bring It On/ Under Pressure (Violence Rec)

Mampi Swift – Zion/ World Of Change (Charge)

John B – Pressure 2004/ Sight Beyond 2004 (Formation)

??? (DSCI4)

Wishing On A Star Remix (STAR001)

Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)/ Gasmask (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) (Virus Rec)
Vector Burn – Oh Boy/ Feed (Rehab Music) PROMO

Vector Burn – Light Cycle/ Oxygen Freeze VIP (Beta Rec)

Concord Dawn – Morning Light (Klute Remix)/ Don't Tell Me (Timeless Rec)

Raskal & Klone – The Reprise/ Galactic Jam (Urban Takeover)

Pendulum – Propane Nightmares (Original/VIP Mix) (Warner)

Pendulum – Still Grey/ Back 2 You (Timeless)

Genzo – Axel F VIP ( Lifeline Rec)

Prolix – Choke Hold/ Exile (Ganja Tek)

Skyver & Djon – Start The Riot feat. Phetsta/ Dusk (Worldwide Audio Rec)

Pendulum – Another Planet/ Voyager (Breakbeat Kaos)

Pendulum – Spiral/ Ulterior Motive (Uprising Rec)

Wickaman & J Majik – U Disgust Me/ Sandstorm (Black Widow Rec)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Junglist/ The Don (Technique Rec)

Shimon & Andy C – Nightflight/ Quest (RAM)

Lemon D – Generation X/ Violator (Valve Rec)

Tali – Blazin' (Original Mix/ Dillinja Remix) (Full Cycle Rec)


Far Too Loud – Play It Loud/ Play It Loud (Broken Robot Remix) (Funkatech Rec) PICTURE DISC

Justin Timberlake – My Love (House)/ My Love (Breakz) (Malpractice 012)

Stonewash feat. Fagault – New Life/ New Life (Vadim Shantor Remix) (Stepsine Rec)


Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – I Want to be forever (Remix Records)

Tomba – Untitled (Purfa Rec)

Happy Tunes – Rushing On Pink Champagne/ Imperial March (Star Wars Mix) (Slammin Vinyl)

Manix – Oblivion (Head in the clouds)/ Sined Roza – I Don't know what it is (Sasha 90' Classic)/
Elevation – Can u feel it (Extended Mix)/ Nightwriters – Let the music use you (92 Hardcore Remix)

Slipmatt – Breaking Free/ Hear Me (Awesome Records)

Slammin Vinyl Present – Absolute Classic Hardcore (Triple Vinyl Collection)

Sonic Deadline – Delta Force Ep

Panacea – Lawless/ The Lightning (Kniteforce)

Mulder – Don't Give A Damn/ Can I Count It Off (Urban Takeover)

2 Xperience feat. Cru – L-T – Do What You Want (Kniteforce 036 Promo)

Mulder – Gold/ Mulders Theme (Urban Takeover)

Ed Rush & Optical ‎– Funktion / Naked Lunch (V Rec)

Sweetness & Data – The Feedom E.P.

Mental Power – In Ya Soul/ Motion (Formation Promo)

Dj Rap – Propa Classics Vol.3 – Get Under/ Hard Step2Zero

Genzo – The Energy Is You Dj Xs & Luna C Remixes (Kniteforce)

Prisoneers Of Technology – The Trick Of Technology/ P.O.T Original Mix (2004 Remastered) (Freshkutt Rec)

Dj Rock – Reachin' E.P. / Movin Babe/Skin Up/ Reachin Ya'/ Get Together (Rock Culture)

Undercover Elephant ‎– Sunrise (Bog Woppa Records)

Dj Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter Remix/ So Damn Fresh Remix (Ganja Rec)

Rock & Original Vibes – Grown In The Jungle/Butterpan Sound ( Active Rec)

Kid Andy & Nickle Bee – The Unexpected EP Vol.1 ( Boogie Beat Rec)

Demo feat. Sarah – Dreamin'/ Light Years Ahead (Corrosive Rec)


Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera – The Fiction EP (Primate Rec)

Jel Ford – distinctly neapolitan/ distinctly neapolitan (Marco Carola Remix) (Platform)

Question – 2nd Question

Electric Enovi – Zeitzwang EP – Dub2/Sweat 2 (Prison Rec)

Ade Fenton – Purification Ep/ Move2it/Bitch/Contrast In Blue (Weltmusik)

The Four Playaz Against The Pain EP (Advanced)

UMEK – Voices Of Africa Volume 1 (Primate Rec)

Christian Morgenstern – Moment Of Truth EP (Sub Static Rec)

Jamie Bissmire – The Wicked Switch EP

Marco Bailey – Ipanema EP/Ipanema/Ipanema(Redhead Remix)/ Edge Level/Shinjuku -ku (ZYNC)

UMEK – Consumer Recreation EP (Primate Rec)

UMEK – Oranazol Part 2 (jel 018)

Dj Rush – Look & See Remixes (Pro Jex)

H2 Remixes/ Tantrum (Glenn Wilson Remix)/ Serum (Lars Klein Remix)/ Intruder (Michael Burkat Remix) (H Heroes X Series)

Robert Hood – Red Passion 1 (duet)

Mr Velcro Fastener – Otherside Part Two (i220)

Techno Drome International – Traggs Pro One „Sounds Of Techno“ (ZYX Rec)

Mark Williams feat. Cari Lekebusch – Roots Remixed (Dark House Music)

Stanny Franssen – Binary Code EP (Gen 1208)

Gaetano Parisio – Suprema (Conform 17)

Stoned Baby – Nan Culture Dance (Primevil)

UR – Codebreaker (Urban Resistance)

Secret Squirrel – Battle Tools: Mission 2 (Secret Squirrel)

UMEK- Manaxan/ Savinto – Blanco (Consumer Recreation)

UMEK – Lanicor/Mamomit/ Meprobamat (Consumer Recreation)

Micronism – Steps To Recovery

Michael Kupilas – Akustik Stomp/ Reflex (BUSH 1096)

Magnus Hjelte – Take A Bow (Institution 6)

Escape – Body Mechanics EP (Audio Makanixc)

New Order - Confusion

Various – Loveparade Mexico 2002
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Alt 28.09.2015, 00:34   #2
Silver Head
Benutzerbild von diztortion
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Ort: Speyer
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______________Et Imperium knibbelt retour________________
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Alt 16.10.2015, 15:57   #3
Vali/ nme click
Senior Head
Benutzerbild von Vali/ nme click
Registriert seit: 05.12.2001
Ort: Ulm
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Kannst Du mir hierzu mal Preise geben? Ich bin nicht mehr so oft hier, falls Du auf FB bist kontaktier mich: https://www.facebook.com/vali.nmeclick oder schick mir eine email: info at valentinhoff dot com

Orca – 4 Track Ep (Lucky Spin) - Katalognummer?

Sonz Of Da Loop Era – Far Out/ Higher (Suburban Base)

Luna C – Edge Of Madness/ Insanity Clause/ Mind Of A Lunatic (Kniteforce Remix)

Subject 13 – The Unique Beazs EP/ Intense Remixes)

Corrupt Souls – Skullfucked/ 1138 (BSE)

Tomba – Untitled (Purfa Rec) - Katalognummer?

Dj Rock – Reachin' E.P. / Movin Babe/Skin Up/ Reachin Ya'/ Get Together (Rock Culture)

Rock & Original Vibes – Grown In The Jungle/Butterpan Sound ( Active Rec)

Kid Andy & Nickle Bee – The Unexpected EP Vol.1 ( Boogie Beat Rec)

Demo feat. Sarah – Dreamin'/ Light Years Ahead (Corrosive Rec)
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Alt 07.01.2016, 16:53   #4
Gold Head
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Sind jetzt alle weg!
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