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Operation Nimrod
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Vinyl neue liste mit massig drum and bass und breaks LPs, 2x12", 12"

hier eine neue liste mit anderen drum and bass und breaks scheiben... topzustand!!!

Acetate a) Spirit (Ambisonics '98 Rmx.) b) Spirit (Ill Figure '98 Beat Down) Labello Blanco Recordings 33 12"

Aim a) Watch How You b) Future Dub AIM Recordings 01 12"

Aquasky a) Generation X b) Haze Sonix Recordings 009 12"

Aquasky - Aftershock LP a1) Bodyshock (Adam Freeland Remix) a2) Agitator (Remix) b1) Supernatural (K Remix) b2) Manmade Symphony (Mr Scruff Remix) c1) Zero Tolerance (Remix) c2) Suspekt Device (The Hightower Set Remix) d1) Sonix (Sketch Remix) d2) Battlestar (Corduroy Remix) e) The Stalker (Timecode Remix) f) Rebirth (London Elektricity Remix) Moving Shadow 22LP 3 x 12"

Aquasky - Bodyshock LP a) Agitator b) Suspect Device c) Bodyshock d) Supernatural e) Zero Tolerance f) Battlestar g) Rebirth h) Sonix i1) Pressure Shot i2) Manmade Symphony j1) Blue Thunder j2) Supernova (Feat. Outkastz On The Cut) Moving Shadow Records 17LP 5 x 12"

Aquasky ft. The Ragga Twins a) Dirty Entertainerz Vocal b) Dub Sonix Recordings 013 12"

Architex ft. Ayah a) Dance Child b) Funk Odyssey Signal Recordings 001 12"

Architex vs. Loxy a) Submerged b) Psychic Mental Discharge Architecture 002 12"

Baron ft. Pendulum a) Guns At Dawn b) Ratpack Breakbeat Kaos 008 Promo 12"

Bassface Sascha a) Stick Up b) Dedication Biological Beatz 12"

Boylan a) Everybody b) Underground Square One Records 005 Promo 12"

Brockie, DJ Kane, Ed Solo a) Stampede b) Outboard Sonic Art Recordings 001 12"

Brockie, Ed Solo a) Mars b) Echo Box True Playaz 12037 12"

C. Kent & Esta a) Tomorrow b) Bogroll A New Dawn Recordings 03 12"

Cativo a) Jack Knife Power Bomb b) Another Vision Position Chrome 12"

Chemical Agents a) Last Hour b) Alpha Frontline Recordings 045 12"

Craggz & Parallel Forces a) Fizzy Piglets b) Thundersoul Valve Recordings 015 12"

Cut & Run presents Crisp Biscuit a) Let It Roll b) Night & Day Crisp Biscuit 20 Promo 12"

CyBin a) Lawnmower b) Predator Emcee Recordings 002 Promo 12"

Dagga a) Space Raider b) Cold Gearted BS1 Records 009 12"

Dagga a) Milestone b) Too Fast Tribe Recordings 022 12"

Danny Breaks vs. AK1200 a) Porn Star Style b) Cum With Me Eatflax Recordings AK-1200 Promo 12"

DeGlasklaren a) Wonderba b) Cold Dayz Machine Records 3 12"

Dijitek a) Piano Dust b) Electrical Hazard Beeswax 017 Promo 12"

Distorted Minds ft. Mc Foxy a) Revolution b) Revolution VIP D-Style Recordings PRO 001 Promo 12"

DJ Predator a) Backdraft b) Genetic Wave A New Dawn Recordings 02 12"

Dusk Till Dawn a) Disko Biskit b) Moving On L Plates 15 12"

Extreme Force a) Voodo Magik b) Break Down Rising Records 003 12"

Filthy Dirty Rich, DJ Almighty, Ramjac a) Song Is Born b) Scoundrel Filth Recordings 001 Promo 12"

Instinct a) The Last Day b) Take Control Audio Couture 041 12"

Jonnie Newman - Tronic EP a) Fanatic b) Secret Transit c1) Grown Up c2) Fat Leslie d1) Mix Up d2) Tronic Federation Records 003 2 x 12"

Keaton vs. Hive ft. Busdriver a) Death Threat b) Dub Violence Recordings 005 Promo 12"

Magnetic Media a) Vigilante b) Bad Seed Liftin Spirit Records 25 12"

Majistrate a) Fury b) If (Part 2) Juice Records 38 12"

Power Play EP Vol. III a) Twisted Individual - Cave Man b) DJ SS - Parris c) Sonic & 2D - Sex Drive d) DJ SS & Twisted Individual - Bamboo Torture e) Distorted Minds - Rampage f) Accidental Heroes - Light Cycles Formation Records LP011 3 x 12"
ReAction a) Total Pleasure b) Will You Be There? Dramatix 003 12"

Roni Size a) On Point b) Breaks Full Cycle Records 027 Promo 12"

Royce a) Suddenly b) Tribal Thang Cartel Recordings 004 12"

Special K & The Dream Team a) Switch Remix b) Fight Joker Records 28 12"

SubCode a) Blue Sneakers b) A Machine c) Purple Eggs d) Blunt Figure Thermal Recordings 10-1 2 x12" (blau & lila vinyl)

The Beat Junkies a) Changes b) Materialize Second Movement Recordings 36 12"

The Central Beatz EP a) DJ Kalm - Spirit b) Collective Minds - Intel c) Anonymous Artists - The Dark d) Quartz - Transitions Central Intelligence Records 002 2 x 12"

The Chemical Pilot - Journey To The Centre Of The Mind LP a1) Astral Dominoes (Decoder Remix) a2) Classical Fruit (Future Forces Remix) b1) Alien Abduction (John B Remix) b2) Bye Bye Lover (Fierce & Optical Remix) b3) Chemical Gangsters (Flynn & Flora Remix) c1) Anti-American (Swift Remix) c2) Move A Little Closer (Shy FX Remix) d1) Colours (Guyver Remix) d2) Watch The Target (Solid State Remix) Eruption Records LP 003 2 x 12"

The Kraft a) Future b) Dance Charge Recordings 005 12"

The Militia, Stakka & K. Tee a) Brainwash b) Echo Chamber Cargo Industries 01 12"

The Mysterons a) Get Down b) Back In Time Genetic Stress 22 12"

The Rimdoctors vs. The Beatmonkeys a) NAS Rmx. b) KRS ONE Rmx. BEAT 003 Promo 12"

The Shopfloor Album a) R4R - Bringing Back b) Pleasure - Splinter c) Tungsten & Morph - Submersible d) Distorted Minds - Predator e) Twisted Individual - Nose Bleeder f) Sonic - Stars g) DJ SS - Plastics h) Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith - Maze In Your Minds 5HQ Recordings LP 01 4 x 12"

Zen a) Afterparty b) Time Cris!s Reformed Recordings 009 Promo 12"
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