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Dj Escape Presents Muzik Hertz Recordings

Muzik Hertz was formed at the end of 2006 by dj Escape after being flooded with demos from around the world. Out of all the demos only one stood out. That being dj Complex who hails from essex. Woodpacka was soon followed by lyptikal and Capitol P. The label has yet to have a release and there is already major demand for these artists from all over the world.

Woodpacka and Complex have also received regular airplay on BBC Radio 1 (Grooverider and Chrissy Chris,1xtra (Steppa and Sappo), Koolfm London(Cabbie, Kane, Profile, Logan D), Bassdrive(Ashatack) to name a few...

Dj Escape Presents Muzik Hertz Recordings

Wood Packa A. Busy Bodies AA. Cocain Speaking MHERTZ001

Written & produced by V Jazykov

Out March 2007

Distribution by:

Nu Urban Music

Unit 3, Rivermead Industrial Estate

Pipersway, Thatcham

Berkshire, RG19 4EP, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 1635 587 900

Fax: +44 (0) 1635 292 314

Email: shop@nu-urbanmusic.co.uk

Web: www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk

For all dj bookings and tour nights:



Tel no: +44(0)7813 637959

Email: Muzikhertz@hotmail.co.uk

Aim Muzik Hertz or ESCAPEDJ001


Escape - Radius recs/Muzikk Hertz

Complex - Muzik Hertz

Woodpacka - Muzik Hertz

Capitol P - Planet Funk/ Muzik Hertz

Lyptikal - Muzik Hertz

Aries & Benny - Digital Soundboy/Muzik Hertz

Mc Dap

Mc Accapello
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