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Music for Stargazing Vol 1

Music for Stargazing Vol 1 is an ambient music mix based on an idea generated several years ago from annual trips taken to a lake cottage in the northern United States. It’s far out in the country, away from the wash of city lights. At night, the sky is filled with an amazing blanket of stars. At this lake cottage we got in the habit of sitting out at night to look at stars and enjoy a cold brew. Besides stars we could also often see satellites track across the sky and any number of shooting stars. Years ago I decided to put together a CD mix made specifically for sitting out and looking at stars. I went for tracks that, in my mind, gave the listener a very slow, drifting, expansive and somewhat awe-inspiring feel. The tracks used in this mix are from my old collection of stargazing cuts. Here is the first of what may be a series of Music for Stargazing mixes for the Hydrogen Cafe. Go grab a beer, pop this mix onto your MP3 player or burn it to a CD and slap it onto a boombox, head out into the night, and enjoy the magic of stars. This mix would work well as a sleep mix too. I hope you enjoy it.

Downloads (right click, save target as):

Music for Stargazing Vol 1 MP3 (68:14) (93.7 mb)

Cover Art & Score (467 k Zip)


1. Michael Stearns - Baraka Finale (excerpt)
2. Night sounds field recording
3. Ashera – Violet Night Perfume
4. Steve Roach - Glimpse
5. Grassow–Baghiri–Gleisberg – The Different Perception of Light
6. Diatonis – Glass of Starlight
7. Jeff Pearce – Inner Light
8. Brain Eno - Stars
9. Amir Baghiri - Sleep Well (Part Two)
10. James Johnson-Ma Ja Le - Methane Sea (Live)
11. Jeff Pearce - Vestiges
12. Steve Roach – The Return
13. Stars of the Lid – Dust Breeding (1.316)+
14. Brain Eno - Drift
15. James Johnson - Drift
16. Jeff Pearce – From the Quiet Hours
17. Steve Roach – Magnificent Gallery

Ambient Music Mix Blog: The Hydrogen Cafe

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