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Alt 20.09.2006, 13:13   #1
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Thumbs up PRODE/PROKET Available for TOUR!!! Nov/Dec 2006

Proket hat mich um Support gebeten.
Bei Interesse bitte Ichi über die Offkey-Site kontaktieren. Oder PM an mich

Zitat von ichi



Yes you heard right my friends!!!

Were getting the one like Proket over to Western Europe for a few weeks in Nov/Dec to do a tour of the usual PURE TECHNOID sound.

We know lots of you have been screaming out for Prode to do a tour after hearing the quality of tunes they have produced. So any promoters that are out there that are looking to book Proket, then please PM your details and we will see what we can do.


I look forward to a full inbox of PM's


Alexey aka Proket was born in 1986 in the techno-industrial and very cold Russian city of Norilsk. He then moved to his beloved city of Moscow in 2000. After 2 years of settling into his new home Proket started to produce in 2002 and within the same year PRODE was created after a meeting with Denix. A few months later PRODE was the dominant force we now know, with Feom and Roland, joining the cause.

With their first signing on Recon Recs with the mighty El Nino, the world finally got to know about PRODE.

Taking the title of The KGB of Drum & Bass, Prode are now the most hotly tipped up and coming producers within the scene. And with Proket (Alexey), Denix (Denis), Roland (Igor) and Feom (Timur) all hailing from a growing network of second generation Russian producers, each one brings their own signature talent to the group, with a sound that no other producer has seemed to tap into.

Having first approached Raiden online about a booking, Raiden signed them to Offkey Recordings after hearing just one track. Discovering that they all had one objective - to create sick technoid sounding music, this made them perfect for the label.

They continue to create menacing, industrial Drum & Bass, that has echoes of Russian factories and with each one of them being completely insane, plus also being certified genius at the approximate age of 20 years old, which to anyone who has seen their Vodka consumption will know sounds impossible. But these guys are about to revolutionise the Drum & Bass scene and with Offkey being their natural home, no one is safe from their signature sound.

In 2006 Proket decided to start making his first solo tunes. "I want to make schranz Techno D&B, I like to call it Techno & Bass(TNB)". You can get what he means in you have listened to his debut solo tune Guta.

Release Info:

Prode and Logical - El Nino (Recon003)
Prode - Borer (Revolution006)
Prode - Sun influences(Revolution007)
Prode and Pyro - The Rush (ELP004)
Prode "Curved Trajectory LP" (Tam records)

Prode - Pritchet / Rule of a Gene (ELP007)
Prode - Cubic (DSCI4 SpyTech4 LP)
Proket - GARDARIKA (DSCI4 Spy Tech 4 LP)
Proket- Locomotive (SINUOUS)
Prode and Raiden - Vodkabite (FREAK)
Prode and Logical – Dooms Day (FREAK)
Prode and Sunchase – Random murder (INTERSECTION)

For Proket’s latest mix please follow the below link, this will give you all the idea of what PRODE/PROKET are all about:
Prode Reunion mix http://prode.ru/tunes/prode_reunion_mix.mp3

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Alt 20.09.2006, 13:21   #2
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Ich müsste nackte Headspins machen.

"Ich finde, sich wegen Musik so anzustellen, zeugt doch von einem engen Geist. Die Intelligenz zeigt sich darin, neue Wege zu finden." (Carl Craig)

"tiefer als limbo"
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Alt 20.09.2006, 13:53   #3
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hab ich gerade schon!
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