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Alt 25.04.2004, 22:16   #1
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EuropaTour im Juni: DJ RAWKISS [Digital Justice + The Breakdown]

RawKiss started listening to electronic music from around 1990 when he resided in the U.K and was properly introduced to Drum’n’Bass in 1996 when he met SJ and Syndrome.
He started DJ’ing in 1996 and was soon to hold down various residencies at local clubs in Durban. RawKiss then branched out and started hosting independent events with SJ under various different aliases.
Following the sound across the sea, RawKiss packed his bags and moved back to the UK after meeting DJ Earth in 1999, enhancing their love for drum and bass substantially.
From there he hasn’t turned back.
Returning to SA in early 2000 led to the birth of Digital Justice, nursing it from the early days of a simple idea to the vibrant and pumping drum and bass force it is today.
Striving for a level of professionalism, RawKiss has been given the opportunity to play alongside cream of the crop drum and bass talent, namely Diesleboy (USA), Slant (2Tuff - USA), Impact (UK), Rayner (Urban Takeover - U.K), Red (U.K) and Fidget (U.K). Locally RawKiss has shared the turntables with SA’s top DJs and producers, including Animal Chin+500 Mills (Counter Strike-Algorythm), Krushed ‘n Sorted, Ready D, Way West Wrekordings and DJ Toine to name but a few.

RawKiss has toured the country extensively, playing at venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Knysna, Port Elizabeth and Durban including venues such as Reality (JHB), Frequency (JHB and Durban), Earth Dance (JHB+CT), The Lounge, Homegrown, Legacy, District 206 and Sublime (CT), Amafulthrottle, Flux, Bargo’s, Phunk and Extreme in Durban, not to mention all the events organized by Digital Justice.

RawKiss, being the backbone of Digital Justice, organizes and arranges most of the events held in Durban and Cape Town, starting with Alchemy in March 2000 and the return in Oct 2000 at club 330 Point rd. After joining forces with Phatt productions to stage Analysis and then touring Cape Town with Earth and Syndrome in Dec/Jan 2001,RawKiss started the fortnightly gig at Frequency and quickly progressed to the weekly events at Sub Urban Bass. After staging the Digital Justice arena at Flux New Year Festival 2001/2002 and holding the fortnightly gigs at Phunk, RawKiss still aspires to hold down the Digital Justice dream.

After moving with Earth to Cape Town in June '02, RawKiss is now extensively concentrating on his production and growth of the Digital Justice record label but not forgetting his new born child-The Breakdown-South Africa's first and only Drum'n'Bass E-zine aimed at uniting the scene in South Africa and placing everyone's feet firmly on the international map.

At the end of the day, RawKiss is just another Drum'n'Bass fanatic who believes in the success of the music he loves in his country.
RawKiss presently holds and promotes a monthly at Upstairs in Cape Town as well as his other monthly guest gigs held at various venues throughout Cape Town.
Guesting regularly at the weeklies in the Cape Area and constantly touring South Africa
He is on the regular roster to play on Bush FM on Tues evenings and on Playtek’s wed evening UCT radio show.
RawKiss plays regularly at different events hosted in Cape Town and JHB by other promoters and is presently looking to set up a tour internationally to expose the South African Drum’n’Bass sound as well as to spread the knowledge of the Breakdown.

RawKiss’s extensive knowledge of Drum’n’Bass and diverse capability to tease any crowd stems from relentless work as a promoter and as a DJ in South Africa over the last 8 years and would be a pleasure to have as a guest in any country

For further info or to book RawKiss, please feel free to contact him on

Email: stuart@thebreakdown.co.za
Tel: +27 (0) 21 422 4934
Cell: + 27 (0) 83 330 3056
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Alt 01.06.2004, 22:14   #2
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hier gibts noch n mix zum downloaden


explizit geht es um die zeit vom 03.07. bis 08.07.
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