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Diamond Head
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mp3 [free mp3] V.A. Tao Remix Ep [DBM030]


ART: http://www.digibeatmusic.org/release...bpage-size.jpg

DOWNLOAD: http://www.digibeatmusic.org/dbm030.html


It's that time again!

Digibeat Music is back!

Rolling out our 6th release of 2010...

So, what do we have instore THIS time?

It is with great honour that I present to you the Tao Remix Ep :drums:

If you can remember way back to our 17th release, (yes, that's a LONG way back!) you might recall Eschaton's first outing on Digibeat. Well, now we have 5 new remixes of Tao,
all in various styles. I am VERY excited about this release because I think it just highlights how different artists create different sounding music, from a single track, yet staying (roughly) within the same genre.
I shall as usual refrain from giving you an explanation to what the music contained within this release sounds like, and leave that to YOU, the discenring listener, to provide feedback / comments etc.
I am confident though that there is something within dbm030 to cater to every taste.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU, to the five artists involved in this project, for their continued efforts. YOU are the reason Digibeat still continues to provide quality music. :applause:


1. Tao (Infinite Sloth Remix) Remix, additional production and mastering by The Infinite Sloth
2. Tao (Will Remix) Remix, additional production and mastering by W.Plowman
3. Tao (Re-Dream) Remixed by C.Wright. Mastered by Macc at SC Mastering
4. Tao (Parallel's Eastern Styles remix) Remix, additional production and mastering by Parallel
5. Tao (Maff's racing cloud remix) Remix, additional production and mastering by M.Stenning.

Original written and produced by C.Wright.

Artwork was provided by ME! L_NoodeL@hotmail.com / AIM: digibeatnoodle

Checkout the artist's soundcloud pages!

Eschaton - http://soundcloud.com/eschatonmusic

Infinite Sloth - http://soundcloud.com/infinite-sloth

Will - http://soundcloud.com/willplowman

Parallel - http://soundcloud.com/nsf-parallel

Maff - http://soundcloud.com/hovver

Please download, have a cup of tea & some biscuits, listen, enjoy and show some love and respect!

Thank you! :drums: :falcon: :jig:

o=^0 Need-Some-Fuck | Dubwars | Soothsayer | Lightless | DigiBeatMusic | Ringe Raja Rec. 0^=o
_\|/_ www.nsf-music.de | www.soothsayerrecordings.com | www.dubwars.net | www.dubstepmusic.biz | www.subvertcentral.com | www.myspace.com/neuroticsoundfoundation/ hassliebe6768 /dubrockcrusaders _\|/_

Radioshow- "Massive Drums"- Querfunk 104,8 http://www.querfunk.de/live.html

Ringe Raja Rec. Release #26 out now 4 free !!! --> http://ringerajarec.nsf-music.com/releases.html

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