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Alt 27.07.2009, 17:22   #1
Diamond Head
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Talking [FREE mp3] Stranjah & Sum - Show Me Love / Subhuman Dub [DBMDS002]


A.Stranjah - Show Me Luv
AA.Sum - Subhuman Dub

Digibeat dubstep is back with another massive 2 tracker from Stranjah and Sum.
As always the full release is available for free off the dbm website.

Stranjah, producer, dj, radio promoter, serves us his first dubstep release on Digibeat. He is mainly active in DNB and is promoting it as a member of his crew Breakbeat Assassins, a.k.a. B13A in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.
He has been producing since 1997. Starting with Hip Hop, House and Techno, he soon was captured by the early Reinforced and Metalheadz sound. Breakbeat found its way in Stranjah's music and in 1999 his first DNB single was released.
“Freezing Point” and “Trouble Maka” were released on Flex Records.
Many further releases followed on labels such as Crimsyn, Media, DNB Arena, and Doc Scott's imprint 31 Records to name a few.
Since then Stranjah has worked with the most high-profiling DNB labels including Renegade Hardware, Architecture and Metalheadz.
His last release was "Ruinz VIP" on Vampire Records ft. Gremlinz. Now it's about time for Stranjah to give us a taste of his downtempo abilities releasing his dubstep track "Show Me Luv" on Digibeat. A deep, dark and dirty track - heavy basslines pushing forward mixed with yearning female vocals. Definately worth listening.

Sum, member of the mighty Neurotic Sound Foundation, is a dj and producer based in Indianapolis, USA. He has come a long musical way, starting very early listening to his mother singing opera and choir songs. Since then he ventured from hardcore punk, grindcore, industrial and techno to breakcore. Animated by the sound of Remarc, Krome and Time, Shy FX and especially Alec Empire, who at that time based their jungle tracks mostly on Amen breaks, he decided to learn how to dj in 1996.
Sum began to produce his own music in 2000, but really got serious about it in 2004 and in 2005 he released his first records, "Reckless" on Mos-Hi and "Gimmie Some Hardcore Choon/Mash Dem Sound" on Black Track Records. After years of experiencing the world of DNB he released the amazing "Oblivion EP" on Planet Mu in 2009, he is now showing us a softer side of his music.
His dubstep tune "Subhuman Dub" is out now on Digibeat. Its relaxed, sunny dready dub sound and oriental female vocals take you on a ride through the desert. Don't forget your sun lotion.

Artwork by S.K.A.P.E. @ http://www.materializm.webs.com/

Download the entire release as 320kbps mpfree from www.digibeatmusic.org and show some love

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Radioshow- "Massive Drums"- Querfunk 104,8 http://www.querfunk.de/live.html

Ringe Raja Rec. Release #26 out now 4 free !!! --> http://ringerajarec.nsf-music.com/releases.html

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Alt 27.07.2009, 17:25   #2
Senior Head
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http://soundcloud.com/jumpat // http://www.facebook.com/jumpat.dnb
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Alt 27.07.2009, 17:40   #3
Diamond Head
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facebook.com/dnbarsonist /-/ soundcloud.com/arsonist /-/ soundcloud.com/spinning-time /-/ mixcloud.com/arsonistarsidub
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Alt 27.07.2009, 18:10   #4
Senior Head
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bigup digibeat
http://myspace.com/djbostron | Audio Bullet | Raw Recordings | Sound Solution | JunglistDownload | HFD | Dub Chamber | Jungle X | One Foot Skankin | Bad Dog Jungle
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Alt 27.07.2009, 22:08   #5
Silver Head
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Alt 29.07.2009, 22:21   #6
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sehr geil!

Einen Ohrgasmus erkennst Du am rhythmischen Zucken der Muschel beim Eindringen ganz spezieller Klänge.
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Alt 29.07.2009, 22:23   #7
Crank Frank
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koooles release!!

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Alt 30.07.2009, 09:18   #8
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besonders der stranjah tune! LOVE STEP!
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Alt 30.07.2009, 09:25   #9
Forum Freak
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[Printwerbung is out]
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digibeatmusic.org, dubstep, dubwars, stranjah, sum

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