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mp3 Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, UNKLE, DJ Shadow, Yoda... - Essential Mixes

BBC - Radio 1 - Essential Mix Shows: Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, UNKLE, DJ Shadow, Yoda & Greenpeace

Klick: http://www.pearsontowers.com/index.p...age&PAGE_id=12

Freestylers - 8th February 1998

Hard to believe how old this mix is, but you can sort of hear it's age, it's sort of got a bit of a cheesy, big beat thing going on. The Freestylers have changed direction somewhat since they started off. It's funky as hell though, when I first got it I ended up listening to it constantly for like a week.

Bleaden - "Hitchhikers Guide" (Original)
Beenie Man - "Who Am I" (Greensleeves)
Danny Reo - "Room Wize" (Columbia)
Ninja Man/Flourgen - "Zip It Up" (Sure Delight)
Freestylers - "B-Boy Stance" (Freekanova)
Budbrothers - "Do You Wanna" (white label)
Funkzm - "Boogie Butt Sounds" (Reel Vybe)
Eric B And Rakim - "Juice" (Soul/MCA)
Bowser - "I Need More Time" (Freekanova)
Whodini - "Magic's Wand" (white label)
Cut And Paste - "Let's Go Disco" (white label)
artist unknown - "Funky 4 U" (white label)
artist unknown - "Petal" (Indolent)
Bowser - "Operation Hardheat" (Freekanova)
Damage Control - "Da Pumped Up Phunk" (Afro Wax)
Double G - "untitled" (white label)
Pick 'N' Mixed - "Twisted Ska" (white label)
artist unknown - "El Magnfioo" (white label)
Soul Hooligan - "Sweet Pea" (Freekanova)
Wil Shaker - "Made Up Of This And That" (Sophisticuts)
Star And Garter - "Blimey" (Easy DB)
Freestylers - "Drop Tha Boom" (Scratch City)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop The Rock" (Music Specialists)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop" (Scratch City)
Information Society - "Running" (Tommy Boy)
Bowser - "Let Ya Body Funk" (Freekanova)
DJ Funk Roc - "My Beat Box" (white label)
Isunamioe - "Number 43 With" (Fuel)
Freestylers - "Spaced Invader" (Freekanova)
Freestylers - "Check Da Ski" (Freekanova)
The Fall - "Masquerade" (white label)
DJ Poout - "Let The Bass Mix" (white label)
Dance Conspiracy - "Dub War" (Matamorhasis)
Genuwn - "Holler" (white label)
John Williams - "Throne Room From Star Wars" (20th Century)
Public Enemy - "Bring The Noise" (Def Jam)
Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home" (Virgin)
Blapps - "Don't Hold Back" (Tribal Bass)
Godeoo - "Birth Of The Odessy" (BBC)

Krafty Kuts - 27th February 2005

Krafty Kuts used to be my hero, but unfortunately he seems to have changed direction a bit and I'm not so keen now. That said, I think I've got to stick this on my iPod and have a few more listens to it before my final judgement. The first 20 minutes had me bouncing about in my chair but I got a bit bored after that and didn't listen much further, but having just flicked through it and checked the tracklisting I think I might have been a bit too hasty. For one I've just heard one of the tracks which takes me back to a very nice night out (though I'm not sure which one, think it might have been at The Glade a few weeks ago), think it's Alex Dolby, Hazy Way, about 90 minutes in, pure ecstasy ;-) Sort of gets me thinking of Angel's go Bald crossed with Layo and Bushwacka. Anyway, it's definitely recommended to be worth the download, can never have too much Krafty.

Krafty Kuts - 'Intro' (Against The Grain)
Suzanne Vega - 'Tom's Diner' [Accapella] (A&M)
Evil 9 - 'Crooked' [Bassbin Twins Mix] (Marine Parade)
Alter Ego - 'Rocker' [Stanton Warriors Mix] (Skint)
Tim Deluxe & Krafty Kuts - 'Angry Dragons' (Against The Grain)
Detroit Grand Pubahs - 'Sandwiches' [Accapella] (Jive)
Prodigy - 'Spitfire' [Future Funk Squad Mix] (XL)
Uptown Connection - 'System Senegal' [Koma & Bones Mix] (Inflight Entertainment)
Atomic Hooligan - 'Just One More' (Botchit & Scarper)
Doug Lazy - 'Let It Roll' [Accapella] (Atlantic)
Krafty Kuts - 'Uptight' [Krafty Edit] (Deep Cut recordings)
Tricknology 8 - 'Groove' (White)
Unknown - 'Cassius Groove' (White)
Test Tube Baby - 'Dismissed' [Paul Rincon Remix] (Tenor Recordings)
Coloursound - 'Fly With Me' [Krafty Kuts Edit Mix] (City Rockers)
Frantique - 'Strut Your Funky Stuff' [Krafty Kuts Vocal Edit] (Phillydelphia Int.)
Brick - 'Living From The Mind' [Krafty Kuts Edit Loop] (Bang Records)
Krafty Kuts & A.Skillz - 'Gimme The Breaks' [Accapella] (Finger Lickin')
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulfonic Force - 'Planet Rock' (Tommy Boy)
Hijack - 'The Badman Is Robin' [Accapella] (Epic)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulfonic Force - 'Looking For The Perfect Beat' (Tommy Boy)
Jonzun Crew - 'Pac Jam' (Tommy Boy)
Willesdon Dodgers - 'Jive Rhythm Tracks' (Jive)
2 Live Crew - 'Me So Horny' (Luke Skywalker)
Miami Sound Machine - 'Dr. Beat' [Krafty Kuts Edit] (Epic)
Junior Jack - 'E-Samba' [Accapella] (Deffected)
Warp 9 - 'Light Years Away' (Island)
Boricua All Stars - 'Boricua House Party' (Howlin Records)
Michael Jackson - 'Billie Jean' [Instrumental] (Epic)
D-Train - 'You're The One For Me' [Krafty Kuts Edit] (Epic)
ETA - 'Ayia Napa' [Instrumental] (FX)
Funkobots - 'Surely Shot' (CDR)
Drumatic Twins - 'Sticky' (Fingerlickin)
Mylo - 'Drop The Pressure' [Future Funk Squad Mix] (Breatsfed)
Zed and Mr. B - 'It's About Time' (Streetwise)
Atomic Hooligan - 'U Know U Feel This' (CDR)
Afrika Bambaataa - 'Get Up And Dance' [Accapella] (S12.com)
Alex Dolby - 'Hazy Way' [Evil 9 Remix] (Mantra Breaks)
Artist Unknown - 'Hyper Luvs The Hives' (CDR)
Rennie Pilgrem - 'Gladiator' [Rennie's Gonzo Mix] (TCR)
Friendly - 'The Bump 'n' Grind' [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Fat Records)
Plump DJs - 'Get Kinky' (Finger Lickin')
Breakfastasz - 'Lift Me Up' (Against The Grain)
Scam - 'Put Up Your Hands' (Deep Cut Recordings)

Unkle Sounds - 6th January 2002

Woohoo! I actually found a tracklisting..... not had much luck with that today. What can I say, it's an Unkle mix set. If you like Unkle and haven't got it already, you need it. If you've already got Big Brother is Watching you might not want to bother as it's the same mix.

Yeah, that pissed me off to say the least when I bought it!

Unkle Sounds - Intro (Acetate)
Unkle Ft Richard Ashcroft - 'Lonely Years (Unkle Sounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Unkle Sounds - Interlue # 1
Georgio Moroder - 'Song For My Father' (White Label)
DJ Shadow - 'Organ Donor' (Mo'Wax)
DJ Shadow - 'Organ Doner (remix)' (Mo-Wax)
Unkle Sounds - Intrerlude # 2
DMX 'Who We Be' with Tears for Fears 'Shout'
Queens of the Stone Age - 'Feel Good Hit Of the Summer' (Interscope)
Unkle - 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Unklesounds - Interlude # 3
Kraftwerk - 'Numbers' with Whitney Houston ' I Wanna Dance With Somebody' (Acetate)
Howie B - 'Hey Jack' (Polydor)
Beatles - 'Tomorrow Never Knows (Unklesounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Mercury Rev - 'Holes (Unknown Edit)' (Acetate)
Forne -'Percussive Thinking' (Acetate)
Bushwacka - 'The Egyptian' (Plank)
MeatKatie - 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Lee Burbidge - 'Found' (White Label)
Halo - 'Dark Clouds' (White Label)
Kevin Swain + Clive Henry - 'Underground Sound' (Acetate)
Peace Division - 'Seriously Twisted' (Low recordings)
Mode - 'Ludovicos Technique' (New Religion)
Radiohead - 'Everything In it's Right Place (Unkle Sounds Edit)' (Acetate)
Layo + Bushwacka - 'Untitled' (Acetate)
Fleetwood Mac - 'The Chain' (Acetate)
John Lennon - 'Instant Karma' (Apple)
Unkle Sounds - Outro (Acetate)

DJ Shadow - 30th March 2003

What the fuck! Radio 1's website conveniently seems to miss this one out, despite having all the others for this year! Never mind, eh.....

Anyway.... the mix..... well, sort of split down the middle, with loads of hip hop for the first hour and then goes into older, more obscure tracks for the second half. A good mix and a must for any DJ Shadow fan.

[0:00] John Peel - UK Buzz Number 3 (Sample)
[0:30] Gangsta Boo - Can I Get Paid (Instrumental)
Cool Breeze - Cre A Tine (Accapella)
[2:25] Lil Wayne - **** You (Instrumental)
Tow Down - Country Rap Tune (Accapella)
[4:36] Awesome Of Course Crew - Micski is Blasting
[6:14] Too Kool Posse - Give Em a Small Sample
[7:08] Prince EZE & Big Fran to the 3rd - EZ Makes You Delirious
[9:44] Casanova - World War 3 [not sure about this one though]
[13:32] Robert S - Don't Dis Me
[15:42] Joe Tex - I Gotcha
Syl Johnson - Different Strokes
George Clinton & Parliament - Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (sample)
[18:31] ???
[19:33] Guess Who - American Woman (guitar riff)
[19:35] Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (vocal snippets)
[19:55] Citi Heet - The Saga Of Begging Billy
[21:16] The Brothers - You Can't Win
[19:47] ??? (Instrumental)
[23:07] Singing MC Breeze - Yodelay Dee Hooo
[25:08] Special K - Special K is Good
[27:00] ??? I`ll State - Thats How It Is (male rap)
[28:42] Frozen Explosion - Mack Knife
Lyrics Born's freestyle
[31:02] ??? (male rap)
[32:05] Sly & The Family Stone - Advice (Drum Loop)
Gift of Gab Freestyle/Tootskee & MC Czar - Does a Skeezer Deserve a Chance
Lyrics Born's freestyle
[33:46] Stepping Stone - Rhymes Different From The Others
[36:27] BZ2 MCs - We're Troopers
[38:10] Loose J & Master Of Wax - Hi Lo Cut
[39:45] Einstein - The Freeze
[43:13] Beans - Mutescreamer
[44:30] Mr Lif - Pull Out Your Cut
[45:39] MC Breezy Beat & DJ Quick Rick - Stick`em Champ
[47:40] Birdsong & Dugout - The Sucker MC`s
[48:47] Def Dee & Scott Fresh - No Competition
[50:34] ???
[51:43] Kool D & Ultimate MCs - Freestyle
[52:58] Cipher Sound - Get Moved On
[52:20] Kool Kev - My Experience
Eightball & MJG's "throw your hands up" (I think) ft. Outkast...
[55:40] Master P - Light It Up (Vocal)
[57:05] Master P - Light It Up (Instrumental)
[58:29] Mantronix - Hardcore Hip Hop
[61:01] ??? Bruce Beats, Gee Whizz - Its My Thing (male rap)
[62:10] 5ive 0 Posse - Ain't That The Truth
[63:17] Hijack - Style Warriors Revenge
[64:28] ??? (get down to the funky beat)
[65:40] ???
[65:59] Powerule - Gots Ta Get This
[67:11] Busy Boy - Classical
[69:00] 991 Volts - Time Will Tell
[69:54] Ed Math - Behind The Bars
[70:30] Raw Dope Posse - Listen To My Turbo
[71:55] Raw Dope Posse - Listen To My Turbo (Instrumental)
Raw Corp. - Troopers On The Mic (Accapella)
[72:43] ? - Buffalo Girls cover
[73:15] Davy DMX - One For The Treble
[73:42] B Down Brothers - Martin Luther King
[76:00] ??? - I Can't Go For That (Czech Cover?)
Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That
[77:12] a wacky cover version of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust
[78:20] Dutch Rhythm & Steel Band - Cars


[79:52] John Peel - UK Buzz (Sample)
[80:03] Sample: "Party, party: The hot magazine for cool people"
[80:30] Alexis Korner - Sunrise
[81:04] Frank Zappa - The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (excerpt)
[85:04] Listening - Stoned Is
[89:35] Sugar Creek - Memory Tree
[92:05] Sample: "This planet has become..."
[92:45] American Zoo - What Am I
[94:30] ???
Lyrics: "You cannot disguise the hate in your eyes"
[95:25] Sample: "This could be today.."
[95:40] Azitis - From This Place
[98:50] ??? (a funky tune)
[101:50] The Hunger - Trying To Make The Best
[104:00] Yesterday's Obsession - The Phycle
[106:20] ???
[108:10] ???
[110:00] ???
[112:50] ???
[116:28] ??? (instrumental guitar tune)
[117:45] DJ Shadow - War is Hell
Lyrics: "Sometimes I wonder where I am going../"

DJ Yoda and Greenpeace - 22nd June 2003

This mix marked the release of the Yoda and Greenpeace album Unthugged and is pretty much what you'd expect from them, a huge tracklist, cutting up all sorts of genres and blending them like it's the way they were meant to be. Another unmissable Essential Mix.

45 King - Pop Up
Dan Greenpeace - Unthugged Intro
Hefti - Batman Theme
Visioneers - The World Is Yours
Big Scoob - Kryptonite
Magik Most - Magik's Theme
The Demigodz - Demigodz
The Muppets - Mahna-Mahna
Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime
Positive K - A Good Combination
Gunther Kallmann - Daydream
50 Cent - In The Club
Bounty Killer - Just Dead
Beyonce - In The Club
50 Pence - In The Pub
Dangermouse - Toms Diner
DJ Yoda - Yoda's Theme
Si Spex - Fly Like A Seagull
Cocoa Brovaz - Super Brooklyn inst
The Nextmen - Hi Score inst
Bonecrusher - Never Scared inst
Deadprez - Hip-Hop
Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter
Unknown - Super Sharp Izzo
The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself inst
DJ Yoda - Yoda's One Man Band
The Roots - Thought At Work
Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You inst
De La Soul - Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
Sugarhill Gang - Sugarhill Groove
Pieces of a Dream - Mt. Airy Groove
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Girls
Eminem - Without Me
Dan Greenpeace - Greenpeace's Break
Biz Markie - One Two
Miaow Mix - Commercial
Cassetteboy - Joliver
Word Association - Return To The Playground
Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About
Scooby Doo - Theme
Michael Jackson - Bille Jean inst
Big Daddy Kane - Raw acc
Michael Jackson vs DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Billie Jean
Scram Jones - Jackson Jacker
Michael Jackson vs Q Tip - Breathe Don't Stop
Michael Jackson - Rock With You inst
Ultramagnetic MCs - Poppa Large acc
Ugly Duckling - Indonesia
SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Mix)
Mister Cee - Where Brooklyn At
Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
Arno Vanucci - I Want You Off The Books
Outkast - ATLiensn inst
Michael Jackson and Vince Price - Thriller
DJ Yoda - How To Do An Intro
DJ EQ - Death Of Hip-Hop
Coldcut - Beats and Pieces
Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
Country Mike - Country Delight
The Soggy Bottom Boys - I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow
Eric Weissberg - Duelling Banjos
Rob Swift - The Ablist inst
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
Smiley Culture - Police Officer
I Kamanchi - Ultimate
Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes
Common - The Light
Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
Nanette Workman - Lady Marmalade
Stevie Wonder - If You really Love Me
45 King - Pop Up

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