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baDBoy Zoniy
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Brazed - Analyzing - The Remix EP[AL196]

Interpret: Brazed
Titel: Analyzing - The Remix EP
Releasedate: 13.09.2013
Format: Download
Label: Audiolith
Distribution: finetunes.net

01 Analyzing (VIP)
02 Analyzing (aUtOdiDuB Remix)
03 Analyzing (The Next Remix)
04 Analyzing (Zecher Remix)
05 Analyzing (Love The Cook Remix)
06 Analyzing (Monopohl Remix)

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/brazed/sets/b...g-the-remix-ep

Facebook http://bit.ly/brazed1

BRAZED. Hamburg's finest bass ambassadors are back with their next remix package following up on their huge “The Return Of Low Orbit EP” with six heavy recuts of the anthemic rave killer “Analyzing”. And once again the boys manage to recruit a bunch of largely talented studio wizards which are re-treating the original tune in a sweet and well varied manner.

Starting the journey into bass with their very own VIP treatment BRAZED are entering the HalfStep zone here, spreading a huge load of positive, summer'ish vibes on top their highly compressed, trademark beats. Emphasizing on squeezing their sawtooth synthlines right, adding some offbeat licks here and paying respect to the HipHop world samplewise this one is about to a make a clear statement on the floor – jump around!

The cryptically spelled aUtOdiDuB – a sonic camouflage offshoot of Traktor Records-founder aUtOdiDakT - gets back into full on Drum'n'Bass tempo again with their relick, taking care of all “Analyzing” ingredients of which they do create quite a roller based on ever moving midrange lines and a more floating, less ravey and devasting vibe than the original cut.

Coming from Hamburg's Dubstep and allover Bass scene is The Next, part of the Wob Wob posse and prolific producer with quite a few releases under his belt so far. For his treatment of “Analyzing” he crosses over between Trapstep and Click'n'Tronica providing a devastating, near to static sublow bass attack that's about to cause some serious damage to somebodies eardrums for sure. Hypnotizing as fuck.

Reworking things in terms of Drum'n'Bass we see the Basel-based Zecher focusing on sweet stop-and-go beat wizzardry whilst turning the tunes leitmotif into its haunting twin that easily could be taken from any of our favorite 80s horror flicks. That's what we call building up tension whilst spiralling, polished and well acidic tones are moving all over the place, giving you the ultimate goosebumps.

Representing again for the Hamburg Dubstep massive is Love The Cook – also previously responsible for a remix on “The Return Of Low Orbit” - who are providing another Halfstep tear out tune for lovers of all things dark and deep. With beats robotic and basslines as cold as they can get this one is a 23rd century soundtrack for nuclear bass wars – and resistance is futile.

Finally we see Monopohl exploring slightly different and well surprising territories with his remix. What starts out as an epic, (Neo)Trance-infused ElectroHouse cut based on a shitload of ever building bass waves slightly but steadily mutates into a filthy Breaks-related banger on a 4x4 beat which is meant and made for primetime abuse only.
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audiolith, autodidakt, brazed, drum&bass, the next

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