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Ethnostep 3 (subbass netlabel)

Hello friends!

We present you the latest release from the Ethnostep compilation series -
16 new tracks with Global / World / Ethno - elements from around the world mixed with Dub/Dubstep/Breaks.
The Release is Creatice Commons.
In addition, we invite you to our new website, which has so far been translated into three languages!

Of course, the new Ethnostep can be downloaded free in the "Downloads" area !
In our online store you can also order it as CD releases.
If you wish to support the project, you can name your amount on Bandcamp.
Any amount you donate will be invested in the development of this interesting and unique project! Thank you!


01.SubSqwad - Diving In Dreams 05:16 facebook.com/subsqwad
02.Beatfarmer - The Center (Dub Vortex Mix) 05:43 facebook.com/beatfarmer
03.Sub Swara - Smoke Riddim 02:22 facebook.com/SubSwaraMusic
04.Ethnicalvibes ft. Sitarsonic - Bairavi Art Beat 03:15 facebook.com/ethnicalvibes
05.Nottich - Yarra 03:45 facebook.com/nottich
06.Step High - Obiental (ft. The Ambientalist) 06:41 facebook.com/alouanne
07.Secret Archives of the Vatican - Mohaavastha 05:21 facebook.com/SecretArchives
08.Arkeyetexture - Orientika 04:35 facebook.com/Arkeyetexture
09.M-Blain - TAO 06:14 facebook.com/milan.muller.79
10.Masta Junga - Untitled Bass 04:40 facebook.com/lennartmastajunga
11.Ghosthack - Immaterial 04:48 facebook.com/pages/Ghosthack
12.Késhava - Thunderbolt 04:53 soundcloud.com/keshava
13.Khan Kurra - Demiurge 08:03 facebook.com/KhanKurra
14.Yaskah - Loaded (planet 4 dub) 04:38 soundcloud.com/yaskah
15.Ben I Sabbah - Until that step 06:25 facebook.com/pages/Ben-I-Sabbah
16.DubBreakah - Silent Spirits 02:18 facebook.com/DubBreakah

Making music is the most primeval form of human expression. Imbued with a mystical power to communicate at an instinctual level that transcendents language and speaks directly to the soul. What we have in mind is to go to the one place that everybody carries within themselves. We believe that the whole external universe is also found within us all. There is one planet, and on this planet there is this peaceful, easy, partying tribe, everybody can connect to. Grooves n' Vibes, embedded in contemporary music arise to avibrating melange, a musical elixir and stimulant to the seduction of senses of cosmopolitan and open minded individuals.

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bass, dubstep, ethno, global, world

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