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Disdained Reloaded // Justice, Metro, Double 0, Dj Trax, Nic TVG


At least twenty years of Drumandbass history teamed up for this versatile Remix EP!
Each and every artist (carefully selected!) involved in this project has developed his own soundsignature over the past years. We took a small selection of tracks from the Disdained 2000-2010 album and let you hear them from their point of view!

Soundium Words: Syncopathic Recordings is there for all those who like their beats broken and twisted in many different ways. This time, Sub's flagship material from his recent 'Disdained 2000-2010' album is revisited and explored by remix appearances, resultin in 'Disdained 2000-2010 Reloaded'. First thing to notice is the lighter mood of this release - it's all kept mellow and subtle, but by no means repetitive or boring. Far from it! Already the opening track - 'The King' - sets the jazzy pace by means of DJ Trax's expertise. Further, the pace gets slowed down with Justice & Metro's halftempo haunting remix of 'The Shadow Part 2'. Crawling mysteriously through the speakers, it proceeds to Nic TVG's rendition of 'Ultraviolet' - hazy background associated with masterfully crafted light-mooded breaks. It all ends with Double 0's remix of 'When Fish Burn' - a jungle-like eerie breakneck twister, brimming with small and catchy details. Once again, Syncopathic delivers what's best in drumfunk business.*

SYNCO031 Disdained 2000-2010 Reloaded

1) Sub - The Shadow Pt. 2 (Justice & Metro Remix)

2) Sub - When Fish Burn (Double 0 Remix)

3) Sub - The King (Dj Trax Remix)
4) Sub - Ultraviolet (Nic TVG Remix)

Listen and Buy:






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SYNCO031 mastered by Macc @ http://subvertmastering.com/
Artwork by pinkmonty @*http://www.pinkmonty.com/pinkmonty.html

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