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Alt 28.09.2011, 23:58   #1
DJ Mix
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mp3 Cause 4 Pressure (Pressure Rise / Cause 4 Concern) by DJ Mix

Around and after the millenium, Cause 4 Concern (and later Optiv solo) imprinted the Drum & Bass scene with their now classic techy sound. Not quite as well remembered are their many pseudonymes and sideprojects; among them Pressure Rise, (like State Of Play) a live-band / studio hybrid orchestrated by Cause 4 Concern members Ed Holmes (aka Optiv) and Jon Skinner. The tracks from this outfit were mainly released on Aspect, a label that seems to have been created for this sole purpose.

Most of the tracks from Pressure Rise (and State Of Play) were more organic and melodic than the Cause 4 Concern trademark sound; many contained live instruments and vocals. Some of them, however, make very clear who actually was behind this project. Its popularity peaked in 2001 with the release of the superb "Focus" LP which included remixes by some of the biggest names of technoid Drum & Bass at the time: Kemal & Rob Data, Firce & Ryme Tyme, Teebee, Bulletproof and Hybridz (aka Cause 4 Concern).

Now this mix gives an introduction to the musical spectre of Pressure Rise, from relaxed / jazzy to rolling / technoid. Keep in mind that it contains only one quarter of their entire output - if you like what you hear and want more of it, better get a turntable and start digging the discogs marketplace and Ebay because the releases are unavailable in digital formats, only perhaps as bootlegged vinyl rips in questionable quality and some random tracks on Youtube.

This mix was recorded in December 2010, but I didn't upload it at the time because I had fucked up the subtlety in a few mixes and felt it needed to be done again. Unfortunately I never got around to that, and I didn't do any other mixes since then either. So I finally decided to upload it anyway. Enjoy or don't.

full length 192 kbps mp3 download:

download disabled, truncated length (40 min):
(not enough upload capacity left in the free soundcloud account for full length upload. I will look for alternatives...)

01. Intro [CDR]
02. Pressure Rise - "She's In Your Mind" [Aspect ASP007]
>> Pressure Rise - "She's In Your Mind" [Aspect ASP007]
03. Pressure Rise - "Stranger" [Aspect ASP006]
04. Sixth Sense feat. Sepia - "Walking On" (Pressure Rise Remix) [Aspect / Perspective ASPDP002]
05. State Of Play - "Stranger Days" [Aspect ASP010]
06. Pressure Rise - "Come Inside" [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus LP]
07. Pressure Rise - "Changes" [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus LP]
08. Pressure Rise - "Way Of Life" [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus LP]
09. Pressure Rise - "Focus" [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus LP]
10. Cause 4 Concern - "White Widow" [Subtitles SUBTITLES016]
11. Pressure Rise - "Feelings" [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus LP]

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Alt 16.03.2012, 23:24   #2
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Wahhhh - das ist ja mal geil!

"Wherever you go, there you are"
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cause 4 concern, dj mix, pressure rise, state of play

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