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Verkaufe D&B Vinyls (2002-2006)


da ich nach und nach meine Vinyl Sammlung (UK Import von 2002 - 2006) verkaufe biete ich hier folgende Vinyl Pakete an:

Paket 1 für 25 Euro:

BIG BAD AND HEAVY (Full Cycle Records)
A: Firefox - Full Contart
AA: Trinity - S**t Bag

Frontline Records
A: Pascal `Serious Sounds´ DJ Friction Remix
AA: Pascal `Serious Sounds´DJ Friction & Nu Balance Remix

Adam F & J Majik
A/AA: Metrosound

Jekyll & Hyde Records
A: Potential Badboy feat. Yush - Downtown
AA: Potential Badboy feat. Yush - Rumours

JackeD / Chase the Devil - Outta Space (D&B Mix)

Wickaman & J Majik Present
A: Feat.Kathy Brown - Crazy World
AA: Fiddler´s Elbow

Special A
A: The Cradle
AA: Dreaming You

Lily Allen - Smile (Digital Soundboy mix) & (Digital Soundboy Dub mix)

Bad Robot
A: Bad Robot feat.Seve - Life
AA: Bad Robot - Game of life

Breakbeat Kaos - Chase & Status
A: Feat.Riko, Trim & Scratchy (Roll Deep) - Top Shotta
B: Feat.Capleton - Duppy Man

Paket 2 (EP / Multipack) für 50 Euro:

DJ FRESH `Escape from Planet Monday´
A: X Project
B: Funk Acadamy
C: Babylon Rising
D: The Pink Panther

Multipack Series RONI SIZE
Krust & Die - It´s a Trap (Clipz remix)
Roni Size & Surge - Class Act
Roni Size - Scrambled Eggs
Roni Size - Swings&Roundabouts
Roni Size - Megamix 1
Roni Size - Megamix 2

Nicky Blackmarket - Rollin´ (Best of D&B 4)
Record One
A01: Ray Keith - Eastern Promise
A02: Aphrodite feat. Barrington Levy - All over me
B01: Benny Blanco - Remember me (From the Bronx) Twisted Individual Remix
B02: Accidental Hereos - Doodlebug
Record Two
C01: Bug 9 - Demolition Remix
C02: JB - The Smurf
D01: Genotype - Symphony
Record Three
E01: Lemon D - Give it to Em
F01: R.K Productions - Jah Dread

Wickaman & J Majik - Black Widow Vol.One
• Wickaman & Majik - It´s Time / Panic Room
• Wickaman & RV (Northern Lights) - Laughing Gas / Vox Vibe
• Wickaman & J Majik - U Disgust Me (feat.Woody) (VIP) / Nosedive
• Wickaman & J Majik - Psycho Ragga(feat.Capleton) / Rio Rio
• Wickaman & Hoodlum - Salsarica / The Reptilian (feat.RV)

Chris Su - Sphere EP
A: Need you Tonite
B: Bad Girls
C: Futile
D: Sphere
Paket 3 für 25 Euro:

A: Subfocus - Airplane
AA: Subfocus - Flamenco

Total Science
A: Millenium Lady
B: Straight in

Hospital Records - Logistics
Beat Box Master
Girl from Mars

Unknown - Walk On By
a: drum n bass mix
aa: breaks mix

FullCycle - DIE & CLIPZ
Work it out (Dub)
Number one feat. Ben Westbeech (Roni Size rmx)

A: Aquasky&Spyda `Time up´
AA: Aquasky&Backdraft feat. Spyda `What can you do? ´

A: DKay - Galaxy
B: Raw Q - Funkdefied
C: Stakka - Griffin
D: Redeyes + Peyo - Delight

a1: High Contrast Mix
aa1: High Contrast Instrumental

A: Gimme your Love
AA: Jungle Rock

BreakBeat Era
A : Past Life
B : Rancid (Rinse Revamp)
C: Ultra- Obscene
D: Bullitproof

Alle Vinyls sind in einem guten Zustand. Versand zahlt der Käufer. Bezahlung per Überweisung. Vinyls können auch abgeholt werden. Artikelstandort ist Eckernförde (S-H).

MFG Dominik.

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