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2 UNTALENTED!!! :anbet:
mit den "automatic breakbeat remixes" auf den maxis.
ich glaub ehrlich gesagt, ich hatte sie so ziemlich alle.
hier gibt`s noch mehr sünde:

02.Motiv8 – Rocking For Myself
03.Snap- The Power
04.Armand Van Helden- Funk Phenomenon
05.Reel 2 Reel- I Like To Move It
06.Nightcrawlers- Push It
07.The Outhere Bros- Boom Boom Boom
08.Hocus Pocus- Heres Johnny
09.Sequential One-Inspiration Vibe
10.Young MC- Bust A Move
11.The House Crew- Dance To The House
12.Wildchild-Renegade Master
13.Soul II Soul - Back To Life
14.Snap- The Power
15.666- Amook
16.2 Unlimited- No Limit
17.Klubbheads- Discohopping
18.Whigfield- Saturday Night
19.Jens- Loops & Things
20.C&C Music Factory- Do you Wanna Get Funky
21.Strike- You Sure Do
22.Speedy- Pull Over
23Captain Hollywood- Love & Pain
24.Basic Element- The Fiddle
25.DJ BOBO- Somebody Dance With Me
26.Jude Cheeks- The Reach
27.Dr Alban-Let The Beat Go On
28.Gina G- Ohh Ahh Just a Little Bit
29.MC Sars & The Real Mc Coy- Its On You
30.Liberty X- Just A Little Bit
31.Young MC- Bust A Move
32.The Bucket Heads- The Bomb
33.Technotronic -Pump Up The Jam
34.Technotronic – Get Up
35.Tag Team- Whoomp There It Is
37.ATB- 9pm Till I Come
38.Lee Marrow- To Go Crazy
39.A-Teens Upside Down
40.Sequential One- I Wanna Make You
41.Maxx Get Away- Get Away
42.Bizarre- Playing With Knives
44.Wrecks n Effect- Rumpshaker
45.Jason Nevins- Move Ya Body
46.KLF- 3 Am
47.Antares- Take A Ride On A Meteorite
48.Nomands Land - 7 Seconds
49.Ezee Posse- Everything Starts With An E
50.Magic Affair- The Night Of The Raven
51.JX- You Belong To Me
52.Beat International- Just Be Good To me
53.Kadoc- The Night Train
54.Run DMC Bs Jason Nevins – Its Tricky
55.Quad City Djs- C’mon Ride a Train
56.Black Rose- Melody
57.Blue Pearl - Can You Feel The Passion
58.Aman- The Passion
59.Le Click- Tonight Is The Night
60.Africa Bambatta- Get Up & Dance
61.SQ1- Can You Feel
62.Dreamworld – Unreal
63.Ice MC – The Weekend
64.Miss Peppermint- Welcome to Tomorrow
65.Housescream- Danger
66.2 Bad Mice- Bombscare
67.Sash- Ecuador
68.Point Guards- Here Comes The 1
69.Alice Deejay – Beter Off Alone
70.Dimple D- Sucker DJ
71.Ann Lee- Ring My Bells
72.Ann Lee- Two Times
73.DJ Mike G- Take It Back
74.Run DMC – Its Like That
75.Shaven Kineto- Old Skool Baby
76.Corona- I Don’t Wanna Be A Star
77.ICE MC- Think About The Way
78.JK- My Radio
79.Jazzi P - Feel The Rhythm
80.Nevada- Don’t You Bring Me Down
81.Klubbheads- Kicking Hard
82.Clock – Everybody
83.Kathy Brown- Turn Me Out
84.SM Taxx- SM Traxx Is Calling
85.SM Traxx- Got The Groove
86.Camisra- Let Me Show You
87.Paul Van Dyk- Pump This Party
88.2 Brothers In A Room- Wiggle It
89.Dr Alban- Its My Life
90.Dr Alban- One Love
91.Haddaway- What Is Love
92.2 Static – Feel The Groove
93.Black & White Brothers-Put Your Hands Up In The Air
94.Mario Pui- Communication
95.Robin S – Show Me Love
96.Amadin- Take Me Up
97.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor- I Cant Help My Self
98.2 Unlimited- Get Ready For This
99.La Bouche You Wont Forget Me
100.Networkz- Memories Of Love
101.Prodigy- Your Not Good To Me
102.Nightcrawlers- Push The Feeling On
103.Dj Disco - Stomp Your Feet
104.Three Drives On a Vinyl- Greece 2000
105.Vanilla Ice- Play That Funky Music
106.Da Funk- Da Funk
107.Porn Kings – Up 2 No Good
108.Dj Celra Licky Licky
109.Culture Beat- Mr Vain
110.Twin hype - For those who like to groove
111.Loft- Love Is Magic
112.Jens – Loops & Things
113.Reel 2 Reel – Everybody Pom Pom
114.Public Enemy- Don’t Believe The Hype
115.Happy Clappers- I Believe
116.TFK- Feels So Good
117.Motiv8- Rocking For Myself
118.BG Prince Of Rap- Stomp
119.DJ Quicksilver- Bingo Bongo
120.Interactive- Dildo
121.Ondina- Into The Night
122.Me & My- Dub I Dub
123.Rednecks- Cotton Eye Joe
124.Corona- Rhythm Of The Night
125Sequential One- My Love Is Hot
126.A.T.G.O.C- Repeated Love
127.La Style – Got To Move
128.Mo Do - Eins, zwei Polizei
129.Blackbox- Rocking To The Music
130.Dream Project - Take A Chance Now
131.BG Prince Of Rap- Rock A Bit
132.Da Hool- Meet Her At The Love Parade
133.Dj Surpreme Vs The Porn Kings – The Wild Style
134.Antico- Freedom
135.Mr President - Follow The Sun
136.666- Bomba
137.Afrika Bambatta – Punany
138.Roxxy – I’ll Never Stop
139.ATB- Don’t Stop
140.The Socaboys - Bumpin
141.Tokyo Ghetto Pussie – Everybody On The Floor
142.Smash n Grab- On The Dance Floor
143.Alphabase – Heaven To My Heart
144.Novy Vs Eniac – Pumping
145.White Label - Rock The Jam
146.Armand Van Helden – The Witch Doctor
147.Leila K- Open Sesame
148.Hope - Tree Frog
149.Whigfield – I Want To Love
150.JS16- Stomping To My Beat
151.Milk Inc – La Vache
152.666- Paradox
153.Texture- Over The Night
154.Groove B – Take it
155.Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up
156.R.T.Z- Dance Your Ass Off
157.Bacon Popper-Pump It Up Loud
158.MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy- Make A Move
159.20 Fingers Short Dick Man
160.2 Eivissa- Move Your Body
161.Vengaboys- We Like To Party

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