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Vinyl Die andere Platte (4): Tortillas

Falls mal jemand Ersatz für abhandengekommene Vinyls benötigen sollte

After a certain video went viral with someone "playing" a tortilla with some piped-in music, I wanted to see if I could make an actual working tortilla record.

Skip to 0:25 for the actual record.

Of course it plays "The Mexican Hat Dance" also known as "Jarabe Tapatío".

See how I made the tortilla record in my instructable here:


-Technical Info-

Recorded using the Numark PT-01 with a spare 78 diamond needle.

It's an uncooked flour tortilla. Edible, but tastes burnt.

Cooked tortilla are lumpier in comparison and are more prone to shredding when played.

Es gibt noch ein weiteres Video desselben users, in dem die Eigenschaften von 45rpm- und 78rpm-Tortillas verglichen werden, auch was deren Herstellung betrifft:

At 45 rpm, the music is barely audible above the noise. However, fewer files are required to be sent to the laser cutter and most record players are able to play at 45 rpm.

At 78 rpm, the music is much more clearer. However, more files are required for the same amount of music.
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