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Talking 8.6.2019 - Carnival of Subculture 2019 (Berlin)


Dear friends from our city and from faraway places, finally the time has come.
We are proud to announce, after one year of break and a change of location, this year's edition of Berlin's Carnival of Subculture.
Come over with your mates and get to the street to celebrate Berlin's subculture.

Gegen Gentrifizierung

h12 DEMO @ Frankfurter Tor (F-Hain)

h15 KUNDGEBUNG @ Muskauer Str. (X-Berg)

mit live musik von:

SCHURDISTAN (Garbage Punk - Israel)
SPEEDKOBRA (Crust'n'Roll)
A PONY NAMED OLGA (Country Punk & Polka Billy)
BOMB OUT (Hardcore Punk)
UNICORN PARTISANS (Electric Beats with Growling Voice)
LUNATIC ECLIPSE (Gothic Elektrik)
DAS_PROGRAMM (Digital Hardcore)

Yes, you read right, the final gathering in Keuzberg has moved from its traditional location to a new one a couple of hundred meters away in the neighbourhood.

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