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DJ CAPITAL J – Toronto Canada “20 YEARS IN THE GAME” 2010 TOUR

available for bookings from may 14th - june 26th

Dj Capital J has definitely become a house hold name as a top notch entertainer over the years no matter what country you live in. After 20 yrs in the music scene, Capital J has dominated everything he’s put his hands on since he was a teen. Scratch battles as Ontario’s (maybe even Canada’s) youngest protégée, producing, managing and performing with a vast number of hip hop projects and major recording industry legends even before he was out of high school, produced and performed part of a (major label signed) hip hop/new metal band backed with a number of music videos and concert tours, produced and performed part of a chart topping live breaks / electronic act, over 1000+ headlining DNB performance’s inside top venues, for history making promoters alongside the world’s most legendary electronic artists and djs, and is still currently running things as Canada’s #1 Jump-up Scratch Master badman with over 80+ top selling releases worldwide from various labels including his own “VIP DUBZ”.
This year we celebrate 20 years of the Cap-Cap-Cap-Capital J!

yuh can book him for sounds like: DNB/JUMPUP/DUBSTEP/FIDGET/BREAKS/OLDSKOOL

for requests & more info´s send a email to: brond_steel@web.de
zensiert für PRU:PIPER

++++töte sie mit guuuuuuuuddeerrrr laauuuuune!!!++++++++++++++

bin ich jetz PC genug ?


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