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Jonas78 30.06.2013 11:18

[jukestepidmz] Plugexpert - Electra Ep
Oy crew,

I've put up an ep on my bandcamp page from which most tracks were started during daily commuting between my house and school a few years ago. A pattern loop here, 4 patterns there, multiple ideas and try-outs left to marinate on my laptop harddisk for use in more inspired times.

Last year my mate Yann (waveshaper.12r.org) has been sending me samples of his analogue drumkits to create demo's for him. The perfect excuse to dig up some of these old ideas and bring in some fresh sounds / finish them off.

Check the ep here: [url]http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/electra-ep[/url]

Example track:


Jonas78 02.07.2013 12:04

Bonus spam:

Another ep out through Esc:rec ([url]http://www.escrec.com/4853[/url]), chickedicheck on their bandcamp page:



[quote]Most of the material for this EP was constructed by Jonas The Plugexpert during train rides between The Hague and Nijmegen. Small sketches to kill time and clear the head after the more 'serious' composing at the Royal Conservatory. Now that he's done studying in The Hague, Jonas found the time to rework his many sketches and include some new influences in the process. A small selection of the resulting tracks found its way onto the Den Haag - Nijmegen EP.

Expect delicious freaking on the beats, heavy bass, juke grooves, some 90's rave synths, the occasional laidback vibe, excellent sampling and a whiff of old skool jungle... Enjoy!

Do also check out the self released Electra EP by Jonas The Plugexpert: plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/electra-ep. Similar to the Den Haag Nijmegen EP, most of the tracks on that release were started during daily commuting.

released 02 July 2013
Music by Richard Jonas
Artwork by C. Schaaf, from collection ReclameArsenaal, [url]www.reclamearsenaal.nl[/url] [/quote]

Example trissle:


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