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dj saxe 06.11.2006 09:18

29.12.06: Inside the machine feat. DEEP Inc. @ zakk, Düsseldorf
29.12.06 22:00

Inside the Machine!


DEEP Inc. (Creative Source, Innerground)
Dynamike (Schalltag, Essen)
Saxe (Savage Breakz, Düsseldorf)
TS W. Kaksak (live didgeridoo)
Kemo MC (evocators)

---29.12.06---ab 22:00 5EUR---ab 0:00 7EUR---

Erneut setzen wir den zakk-club in Brand. Zwei Tage vor Silvester findet das Jahr seinen würdigen Ausklang in Gestalt einer fetten Drum´n´Bass-Party. Es wird einabwechslungsreiches Spektrum an Stilen geben: der Stargast des Abends, deep inc., steht eher für die soulful side of drum´n´bass, während der saxe gewohnt harte töne anschlagen wird. dynamike, dem einen oder anderen oder anderen schon von der vorletzten savage breakz oder seinen eigenen dnb-parties im essener unperfekthaus (ulan bator music club) bekannt und veranstalter der in der hütte ansässigen "arctic warfare"-dubstep partys, ist in allen Subgenres des dnb bewandert und wird geschickt den Bogen schlagen.

Host of the night ist der stadtbekannte Mikrofonkontrolleur Kemo MC.

Deep Inc. ist einer der wenigen deutschen Acts, die den Sprung auf die Insel und somit ins Mutterland und Maß aller Dinge des DnB geschafft haben. Somit sei auch das Künstlerprofil hier stilecht in Englisch verkündet. Unten findet ihr eine Liste der Veröffentlichungen, falls ihr Euch ein Bild von seinem Schaffen machen wollt.

Born in Poland Codex had started `just like his Hungarian dad` playing drums by the age 7, and then at the age of 9 moved with his family to Budapest. still playin drums by 12 and finally with 14 settling in Essen Germany where he is based today. After hearing some Public Enemy records Codex developed a deep interest in producing beats with drum computers, with 16 he bought a Yamaha RY30 and tried out some hip hop beats but a year later it was Chicago House and Detroit Techno sound that he followed with DJ Sneak and Jeff Mills being the main influences.

around this time he met his longtime production partner Mike Bass and together filled a room with anolog equipment with the centre piece being the TR 909 and EMU 64 sampler. Within a 1/2 year they released two records on German label "Honolulu United" At the same time Kingslay "a good mate from London" brought over some DJ Hype and LSD mixtapes, this opened a whole new dimension. It took 3 years of partying the length and breath of Europe before Codex decided which direction he wanted to go musically. it became very clear it was going to be Drum n Bass “production and spinning tunes”..(but never losing massive respect for the 909 heavyweights).

Four years later Codex Recordings was born with first releases from Codex and Mike Bass (Deep Inc.) and immediatley recieved support from Fabio and Radio 1, this was the seal of approval to keep it going. Todate Deep Inc. tunes have been played by big guns such as Fabio,Calibre,Soul R crew, DJ Flight, D Bridge, A sides, Bryan Gee, LTJ Bukem, DJ Marky, Martyn, Ray Keith, Andy Nu Dir, Jubei and the Insiders. The plan for the future is to keep making wicked Beats and to be Happy......


Deep Inc. – Keep On - Nu Directions
Deep Inc. – Grand Piano - Renegade (out now)
Codex - In Focus - Codex Recordings
Codex - Night Train - Codex Recordings
Deep Inc. - All Night - Codex Recordings
Deep Inc. - Nice View - Codex Recordings
Deep Inc. - Wild Pitch - Codex Recordings
Deep Inc. - Boojah - Coedx Recordings
Deep Inc. - Can`t Stop - Codex Recordings
Deep Inc. - Tee Time - Creative Source
Deep Inc. - Deep Idea - Creative Source
Deep Inc. – Subway - Creative Source (forthcoming)
Deep Inc. – Velvet - innerground (out now)
Deep Inc. – Seven Stars - innerground (out now)
Deep Inc. – Talkback - Nu Directions
Deep Inc. – Eazy Control - Renegade (out now)
Deep Inc. – Accord - Renegade
Deep Inc. – G City - Progress (forthcoming)
Deep Inc. – Groove 172 - Horizons (forthcoming)
Deep Inc. – The Punisher - Horizons (forthcoming)
Deep Inc. – In The Dark We Live - Horizons (forthcoming)



Dynamike 15.11.2006 21:42

Aktueller Release:

Title: Seven Stars / Velvet
Label: Innerground Records
Artist: Deep Inc

German sensations Deep Inc become the latest debutantes on Innergound. For this release they step up their sounds with two subtle yet beautiful tracks that roll with just enough bass not to be underestimated.

Quelle: [url]http://breakbeat.co.uk/listen/listen-page.asp[/url]

Weitere Tunes
Deep Inc. auf myspace: [url]www.myspace.com/thedeepinc[/url]
oder auf: [url]www.codex-recordings.com[/url]

dj saxe 23.11.2006 15:08


tobsen 65 14.12.2006 13:35

big up 4 dis 1..................!

wird defo ne mords gaudi!

viel spass euch!

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