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enea 06.01.2012 13:43

Proktah Shadows E.P. (Beatalistics Rec.)


We are casting shadows with the latest Beatalistics E.P by the one they call PROKTAH. Born in Paris, France – he now lives in South-Germany and constantly delivers next-level-dnb-productions on various labels besides his own imprint Flight Rec. His debut E.P for Beatalistics includes 3 deep and crispy rollers. The title track “Shadows” opens up with playful keys and harmonies. Leading to the drop, this one explodes in a monster with its alternating and uplifting bassline. “Message to a friend” is pure deepness and will meet the expectations of Alix Perez and Commix fans. Easy piano riffs combined with lovely but precise pads and a harmonic bass-pattern, arranged in an extraordinary way. Enter the underworld with the mesmerizing “Moodswing”. Trancy leads and pads meet reecy saws and pounding basses. The grimiest track of the E.P. shows Proktah´s love for neurotic sounds.


availible in all common download stores:

Dischdl 06.01.2012 14:28

"message to a friend" ist superschön.
waren da nicht mal noch vocals für geplant?

enea 06.01.2012 20:20

kann sein....der tune ist aber auch so der hammer:)

papa fava 06.01.2012 21:24

Aber Hallo !!!! :slayer:

marcel 07.01.2012 16:12

schönes ding! :music:

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