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Exit Festival 2003

Veranstaltung: Exit Festival 2003  
Datum:   03.-06.07.2003  
Location:   open air  
Stadt:   Novi Sad, Serbien  
DJ's:   Ed Rush, Optical, Tricky, Marky, Stereo MCs, Roni Size, Moloko, ...  
MC's:   Dynamite

Review von killerPOKE

Due to the international character of the EXIT Festival and so many people from Serbia having supported us to be part of this and last year's festival I have decided to do at least some part of the coverage in English, so that everybody can share our impressions.

EXIT - in general:
So, Serbia did it again! Europe's youngest and wildest musical event took place again in the beautiful town of Novi Sad (1 hour car ride north of Belgrade) from 3rd to 6th of July. To get it straight for all those of you, who got a bit confused with all those "new" countries appearing on the map in the last years: Novi Sad is located in Serbia - a republic of "Serbia and Montenegro" which was fomerly known as Yugoslavia. Novi Sad lies about 900 km to the East of Munich and can be reached with a 15 hour bus ride from there. Fortunately EU citizens don't need no visa or permission to enter Serbia anymore, so we could just travel through Austria and Croatia or Hungary to reach EXIT with a normal passport and no time or money spent at the borders.

We got into contact with EXIT for the first time in 2002, when we appeared as DJs and with an art installation on last year's festival (see Outerbabes) and we were deeply touched by the atmosphere, the friendliness and the hospitality of the Serbian youth we met there. Fortunately we were able to attend EXIT 03 again, but this time only as scouts of the German electronic music scene, as journalists and just to have a good time with all the people we have already met in 2002. So here as a start of detailed reviews and background information, some general remarks about this year's event.

In my eyes there is still nothing comparable to the EXIT festival in the rest of Europe. On the whole I guess a million people visited the beautiful and vast festival area on Petrovaradin fortress over the Danube river to enjoy a wild mixture of music festival, cultural happening and beach party at about a dozen stages for four days. The whole event is amazingly peaceful and - for a Central European view - astonishing uncommercial. Nevertheless the line-up does not have to hide before the big players of the festival summer: acts ranging from Henry Rollins over Moloko, Stereo MCs to Jeff Mills or Roni Size can be seen for a ticket price of 30 EUROs - and that for four days!

But EXIT is much more than just a good deal. It's the atmosphere all over the festival, the camping site and the beautiful Danube beach which gives the whole event a unique touch and makes it the most remarkable event I ever attended. Although a bit more mainstream and a bit too crowded than last year EXIT 03 really knew how to party, how to scream and how to really go mad in front of a stage. To see ED RUSH & OPTICAL at 6 am in front of at least 500 hardcore Jungalists screaming for more several minutes is something I never witnessed before that way. For a foreigner the festival was about the friendliest thing you can imagine - I have never been welcomed that warmly and felt to be a part of the whole in such a short time before.

One of the amazing facts about the EXIT is that it is organised by a rather small number of young people giving it sometimes a very sympathetic semi-professional touch (talkin about toilets...). Other parts like security, the press center or the huge stages and sound equipment exceed the state-of-the-art known from German events of that size by far. I can only advise you to have a look at this year's line-up on the festival's website (www.exitfest.org) to get an impression what you have missed. Unfortunately the date of EXIT at beginning of July is not really good for Germans as there are still no summer holidays. Anyhow I can only urge all those searching for a festival next summer to go there. If you have been in Novi Sad, you will regret you have not been there sooner...

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