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Grand Slam @ MS Connexion, Mannheim

Veranstaltung: The Grand Slam  
Datum:   02.10.2001  
Location:   MS Connexion  
Stadt:   Mannheim  
DJ's:   Fabio, Grooverider, Adam F, DJ SS, Hype, Andy C, Randall, E.Decay, Soulsurfer, Loo-P, RBF, Smood, Jan Sirup, T-Breakz, Dean Saster, Easy T, Soundquake Soundsystem, O. Koehler  
MC's:   Foxy, Ragga Twins, MC, Moose, Dragoon, Eddy 'Freeze', Killer Bee, Trooper

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Review von raft

Time for another big event in Mannheim-The Royal Rumble and Phaze Club crew had stepped up to present the "Grand Slam",which took place at 5 areas of the MS Connexion in Mannheim:2 floors for dnb,1 oldskool,1 ragga/dancehall and a chill-out. In my review I will only be able to tell you about the 2 dnb-floors because...well, that's where I was.

We arrived at about half past eleven and after checking the timetable and a few hellos I was on my way upstairs to the smaller of the two mainfloors. E.Decay was playing in front of a relatively empty dancefloor at that time, but as his good set and the clock moved on, it was filling steadily and towards the end it was absolutely rammed. The best compliment for a DJ, I think. Alongside E.Deacy on the MIC was the excellent MC Dragoon, he impresses me everytime and is surely one of the best german MC's I've heard.

Next up was the unannounced (except on the internet-big up the future-forum crew) special guest for the night, DJ SS. He played a typical SS set with good variation of old and new, including the unreleased terrorist mix, pulp fiction and the new remix of lighter as his last one, the crowd was really going crazy at times. MC Dragoon was still rolling on the MIC and as MC Moose stepped up they combined quite well.

Time for the next DJ-Fabio, long time not heard and seen in Mannheim. As expected he dropped the smoother rollers such as LK by the SP Collective, Casino Royale Remix or Teebee's 'liquid light', but also standing out was 'miles from home' by Peshay, which I haven't heard on a dancefloor for quite some time (nevermind he slightly f*cked up the mix into it). All in all, a beautiful set by the liquid man.

Now it was time for me to go downstairs to witness DJ Hype, sadly he was already spinning for quite some time so that I missed his double drop on planet dust,which i've only heard on the net yet. I can't remember many tunes he played now except the obvious 'True Playaz style' and 'ready or not / SSS /6 million ways' dub or 'titan', but he was surely tearing up the crowd alongside MC Foxy.

The next hours I was unsure where to go so I was constantly switching location, getting only short impressions of Randall's, Grooverider's and Adam F's set, but from what I' ve seen it was all good and the people really had a good time.

The last DJ downstairs, Andy C., arrived a bit late, but if there's someone to wait for it must be him. He dropped many big tunes of the moment like Spacehopper (into Bodyrock - I wonder why) the BC+Trace remix of Mutationz, Trippin remix, Lazy Bones etc., while constantly pumping in some of his 'trademark' pieces like 'Hush Hush' or 'Titan'. He perhaps wasn't at his best this day, not mixing that quickly and once f*cking up real bad, but who cares, it was still a wicked set, nobody's perfect.

Altogether it was a great night in Mannheim, even though the attendance of about 1300-1400 people wasn't enough to make this a successfull rave for the organizers, so that it has to be seen if line-ups like this can be brought to Mannheim as often as in the past. In my opinion, it is perhaps time for a step back with those big events anyway (we had about 8 events of comparable size this year in Mannheim), we're not London, so we shouldn't constantly try to build line-ups like in the UK.

Our scene is going strong with the Phaze Club every friday (german artists), Royal Rumble and Vibration nights with UK guests at least once a month each and numerous little parties in and around Mannheim - and the direction away from only relying on UK-Acts is clearly visible, so i'm looking forward to a great future for dnb in Mannheim.

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